Nokia Is Expected To Return Mobile Phone Market Next Year

Nokia Technology business sector still held 10,000 patents, the mobile phone business will be led by this department.

Four years ago, when as Nokia CEO Stephen Elop (Stephen Elop) to the company compared to a living person burning platform edge. When competitors booming occasion, Nokia failed to perceive Apple and Google (microblogging) and other rising star has changed the mobile phone market, this oversight will undoubtedly fuel burning platform.

In hindsight, "burning platform," the e-mail can be considered an internal Nokia will sell its mobile phone business to Microsoft in 2013 threatened. The deal appears to many Finns, Nokia brand is sold at the. However, given the current popularity of the fact that once produced the piece as much as the current iPhone business has ceased to exist.

So now back to the Nokia quietly exploring mobile consumer market news indeed surprised.

Two informants for Re / code said that Nokia plans to return to the mobile phone market as early as next year. In addition, the company will also connect to other products ambitious projects, such as virtual reality.

This work is currently leading Nokia Technologies, but also from Nokia to sell mobile phone business to Microsoft after the rest of the company's three business smallest piece, the other two businesses are maps and network equipment. Nokia Technologies is famous because of its mastery over 10000 Nokia patent portfolio license to work.

Unlike other company's patent department is limited to patents work, Nokia Technologies is also responsible for their own design of new products and patents licensed to other companies. So far, the project carried out by a smaller scale. The department has just released two new products, as well as by others were applied Zlauncher OEM Android tablet N1 desktop theme launcher for Android. Nokia's mobile phone market could return to take the tablet in the same way.

Insiders say, these products is just the beginning.

Nokia former executives Chris Richard (Richard Kerris) said: "They have a lot of good products in R & D which gives me good reason to believe, as a company, Nokia did not go far.."

Although Chris did not give details, but he said some of its products have seen the listing will bring shock.

Revival Road

After communication with sources close to Nokia and some insiders, we found that the company's situation is not as described in the outside world, such as, the product has become the elimination of technological development.

For the present work, Nokia also cautious. According to the agreement reached earlier with Microsoft before the end of this year the company can not sell any of the Nokia brand mobile phones, at least until the third quarter of next year, Nokia is not authorized or to use the brand in mobile phones. However, this agreement does not affect Nokia after the expiration of the contract on the mobile space to start over. In fact, Nokia has been recruiting for next year and even more distant future product development efforts.

Nokia Technologies in Sunnyvale, California (Sunnyvale), Cambridge, England, Espoo, Finland (Espoo) and Tampere (Tampere) has offices, which grew up in the old times, Nokia's chief technology officer (CTO) office, for product development to provide technical support in the future. Although in recent years, Nokia's smart phone business to focus on Windows Phone, but the sector is still part of the effort will be on the phone and tablet PCs and other products on.

Last year the department to recruit former Dolby Laboratories (Dolby Labs) executives Ramzi Haida Moose (Ramzi Haidamus) as president last week, also hired long tenure at Cisco's Guido Qiao Leite (Guido Jouret ) as its CTO.
Even Nokia's mobile phone market return, and do not expect to achieve large-scale production. Because Nokia had just sold its mobile phone business, Microsoft, currently the company is not eager to return to the previous size.

Tablet PC N1 after a good interpretation of the Nokia model by cool design, and the design and the Nokia brand OEM licensed to other companies. These foundries are only responsible for production, sales and distribution, or the responsibility of the Nokia. This approach is similar to bankruptcy after the return to the market, Kodak and Polaroid (Polaroid) the means used.

Authorized brand to others can reduce costs, but the success of the product is not completely controlled by Nokia. In addition, the smartphone market is fiercely competitive, some companies invested annually in R & D and marketing tens of millions may not be able to make achievements, just to Nokia mobile phone market exit must have a deeper understanding. Cool product development philosophy is one thing, but to focus resources to make products to be successful in the market is another matter.

Nokia's success also depends on the leadership of these new products support. Nokia Technologies has a long history of product development, but in recent years, Nokia's lackluster years, it has not yet had a name for themselves in the case.

Nokia recently Buying Alcatel - Lucent, and may sell its map service. As a result, Nokia intends to portray itself as the role of network equipment providers. At the same time, there is a logical view, Nokia can develop their own network for matching devices, so that the company can be adjusted at any time on equipment development, and to achieve contraction. To Ericsson, for example, before the Sony Ericsson joint venture, was once a major mobile phone manufacturers, but the company eventually completely stripped the mobile phone business.

For the acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent's future Nokia Technologies, Nokia said that everything will be business as usual levels, which will focus entirely on new technology, and share these new technologies through active licensing programs.

For future plans, Nokia's commitment will be extended to some of the exciting field, is committed to tap the human potential in a connected world, but as far as what happened afterwards, the company is now too much inconvenience to comment.

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