Chile Calbuco Volcano Third Eruption, Volcanic Ash Straight Into The 4000 Meter High Altitude

Local time on April 24, 2015, Chile's Calbuco volcano continues to erupt, spewing large amounts of ash and lava, causing the surrounding towns were covered with volcanic ash, ash affect the surrounding residents.

April 30, 2015 at noon, Calbuco volcano in Chile began erupting third, dark gray ash 4,000 meters into the sky, the local government again evacuated 2,500 nearby residents.

Chile's National Geology and Mineral Resources Bureau official account on Twitter: "and predicted, Carl Buco third volcanic eruption red alert.." Because a lot of ash and smoke spread, the local government has again evacuated residents within 20 kilometers around. Allegedly, the new eruption of magma movement.

Calbuco half a century sleeping volcano eruption last week, twice within 24 hours, nearly two meters of ash billowed into the sky, more than six thousand nearby residents were evacuated, several villages buried by volcanic ash. Since the weekend, some residents began returning to their homes to clean up the destroyed houses, the result once again hit a new eruption.

Chilean Interior Ministry officials said the latest eruption is smaller than the previous two, the situation is not so critical, but still 2,500 residents were evacuated.

Experts of the National Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources, said the next few hours the eruption will be weakened, but still warned that it will be formed once the rains severe volcanic mudslides may wipe out everything, so far should remain vigilant. The weather forecast said that local rainfall on Friday welcomed.

According to the local government said last week's eruption only 210 million cubic meters of volcanic ash disrupting flights, contaminated local rivers and lakes, but also a huge blow to agriculture and tourism. Carl Buco volcanic lake region where economic output per year to about $ 2 billion loss caused by the impact of volcanic eruptions will make estimated that at least 30%.

Calbuco volcanic eruption for the first time

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