World View Help You Achieve The Dream Of Space

You want to live long enough to enjoy a magnificent view into space witnessed some of the earth it? World View company can help you make that happen.

Recently, World View is completed to help mankind to achieve this aspiration a major breakthrough: at 31 km altitude paraglider landed successfully, it also means that the implementation of human height viewing Earth from space, the scene near the goal goes a step further.

The paragliding landing experiments, World View in paragliding joint research and development with over 40 years experience in United Parachute Technologies company.

World View offers a journey of about five hours every six passengers, a balloon gondola ride to reach the edge of space, and passengers do not need to go through special training need not wear special spacesuits. Passengers will float at the edge of space two hours, a spectacular sight for Earth and Space, and within the space pod with restaurants, toilets and other convenient services and amenities.

Capsule plan
Briefly, World View is the use of air balloon technology, specially manned space capsule was raised to 30 km altitude, after circling the surf, and then use high-altitude paraglider drop technology, manned space capsule safe return to the ground.

Earlier, World View has successfully completed several hot air balloons will use the capsule to rise to 30 km altitude experiments, the high-altitude paraglider drop experiment is completed successfully the first time, and broke the glider altitude record the highest decline.

"Paragliding in this highly successful test flight toward what we expect to achieve the security man on the edge of space will be one step closer to the goal," World View, CTO Taber MacCallum said.

World View CEO Jane Poynter told Artesyn Technologies interview that the decline in the number of 30 km altitude paraglider difficulty is that near-space of thin air, air density and pressure limited, how to control the rate of decline and stabilize paragliding of technical difficulties and become the key to a breakthrough.

Poynter said the paragliding landing after completing the test, the next big challenge is to win World View By the end of 2016, manned flight test.

Jane Poynter and her husband had taken part in "Biosphere 2" famous artificial closed ecological system test, after the cause has been committed to the development of human space, space travel is her lifelong dream.

World View currently has open book on its official website, the tour price per passenger $ 75,000, reservation deposit is $ 7,500.

Poynter did not disclose specific figures reservation number, but she said the book's first space travel people from all over the world, all kinds of occupations, ages people have, there are a lot of the family unit together booked.

In addition to the World View project, the company's cooperation with Paragon Space Development Corporation, also are working on additional space travel project called STRATEX of, and World View project tour throughout the cabin in space is different, STRATEX projects require participants to wear the spacesuits, like astronauts in general, by means of a hot air balloon and paragliding, in near-space tour.

October 2014, Google executives Alan Eustace is involved in the project, successfully rose to an altitude of 135,000 feet, and breaking the human world record for the highest altitude drop.

Western Indian Ocean Island Was Discovered The Plane Wreckage Which Suspected The MH370 Of Malaysia Airlines

Plane wreckage found in Indian Ocean — 'there is a chance' it's from missing Flight MH370

Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, the French Air Force base member on July 29, said local time on July 29, was found in the wreckage on the island coastline. Currently investigators are checking whether the wreckage and flight MH370 2014 about the disappearance.

US media reported on the 29th, officials from Boeing, said the wreckage of the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion found preliminary assessment published photos show that the wreckage appears to be consistent with the appearance of a Boeing 777 flaperons. And in March 2014 disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is the Boeing 777 aircraft.

US media reports, at 9:30 am local time, the cleaning staff in the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island beach found a wreckage piece of wreckage about two meters, looks like a part of the wing. And have been soaked in water for a long time. Piece of wreckage quickly raised speculation. French police are currently investigating whether the wreckage of the missing MH370 aircraft wreckage.

US Cable News Network (CNN) quoted the sources said, flaperons Boeing 777 aircraft with a unique element, and stressed that this is only a preliminary determination.

March 8, 2014, carrying 239 people MH370 Malaysia Airlines flights from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing went missing. According to the data analysis, that the flight crashed in the southern Indian Ocean, but the search and rescue team in the South Indian Ocean on a large scale international search, has not yet found its trail.

So far, Malaysia Airlines MH370's disappearance is still considered one of the greatest mysteries in the history of civil aviation.

Analysts means, if the debris from the MH370, this will be the first time that the aircraft is missing important findings.

In January 2015, the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia officially declared missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 "accident."

If this proved to be part of the wreckage of the Boeing 777 is recognized as a high probability of MH370.

The Boeing 777 is a manufactured by the Boeing long-range twin-engine wide-body aircraft, is the world's largest twin-engine wide-body aircraft. Public information, since May 1995 the first Boeing delivered 777 commercial aircraft, a total of nine major accidents. Casualties of at least four times. September 5, 2001, British Airways Boeing 777-200ER during the Denver International Airport to refuel, refueling hose suddenly loose, spraying fuel and caught fire, oil workers were burned to death. This is the first time involved in accidents caused 777 deaths.

July 6, 2013, Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed while landing at San Francisco International Airport, model 777-200ER. There are three Chinese nationals were killed.

July 17, 2014, MH17 flight, en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur over Ukraine Donetsk Oblast was shot down by anti-aircraft missiles, 298 people on board died in full, this is the most serious accidents Malaysia Airlines.

Malaysia's transport minister, told reporters in New York that day, the Malaysian official has sent a team to go check. Because, no matter what the wreckage was found, there is necessary after further verification, in order to determine whether it belongs MH370.


Note 5 Is Coming - Samsung Will Hold A Product Launch Event At August 13

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is equipped with 5.7 inches screen, equipped with Samsung Exynos 7420 processor, 4GB of memory and 3220mAh battery provides.

The new Galaxy waited a long time, finally came. Samsung has already issued invitations to the media, plans to hold a product launch August 13 in New York, speculation that the company will likely release its next generation Galaxy smartphone.

In fact, South Korean media reported that the first Business Korea, Samsung will launch new products in the product launch held on August 13. To be able to attack and get ahead of Apple consumer concerns, usually before Apple Samsung will choose a new conference in September to launch its new flagship phone. For example, after Samsung Note 4, Galaxy S6, and other major products are announced in the press conference on Unpacked.

We look forward to seeing Samsung's Note series of new devices on this conference, this device is expected to be called the "Galaxy Note 5". According to previous press reports, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be equipped with 5.7 inches screen, equipped with Samsung's own Exynos 7420 processor, 4GB of memory and offers a capacity of 3220mAh battery.

This invitation letter also hinted Edge Samsung will release a phone because the lines on the invitation illustration with a little arc. In fact, this release invite Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge when there are points with the Samsung design similar letter. It is said that Samsung is planning to launch a new mobile phone called Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, from the name, the phone will be a larger version of the Galaxy S6 Edge.

In addition to Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, there is news that Samsung may also unveiled the new smart watch in this conference. Samsung released on a smart watch or last year, compared with the smart phone, the Samsung smart watches update rate is much slower.

Consider Apple Apple Watch popular sought after consumers in the market, Samsung should not stand still. It is said that Samsung will join Samsung payment functions in its next generation of smart watches, the implant NFC, runs Android Wear system, using a circular dial design. Of course, these also are rumors, Samsung has not been officially confirmed.

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Red Sea Undersea Volcanic Eruption, Resulting In The Birth Of Two New Islands

As shown, this is a red Haizubaier archipelago before shooting, when the sea was calm, did not show the new island formed by undersea volcanic eruptions.

Dense and smoke rising from the sea, at the same time, there were two seas Zubair archipelago of volcanic islands. Experts said that the volcanic islands and dikes formed with fracture related.

This is a satellite shot of undersea volcanic eruptions Solan island scene.

The newly formed island was named Solan island and Salah Jadid island island, located between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

High-resolution optical satellite photography to Solan island eruptions, changes in eruption after (a-f figure), and in 2013 Salah Jadid island eruption (g-l figure).

The figure is a block diagram of part of the southern Red Sea region earthquake, orange dots marked seismic events, illustrations red line shows Nubia, Somalia and the Arabian plate boundary.

When The African Lion Encounter Crocodiles In The River - Panic Eclipsed

Lion as king of the beasts, in the face of other animals rarely "look at the points." And recently, in African countries Boziwana photographer to take a group photo, one lion at a leisurely river, not far away suddenly found a head crocodile, the lion was scared panic eclipsed.

Photographer introduced, said this lion was "pursuing" and a female, in the trailing its river, it may be love dazzled scared crocodile.

Under his "girlfriend" gaze, always playfully refused to face the rush to escape the lion shore. 1.8 meters in length and weighs 190 kilograms of African lion dominate only on land, experience body 4.9 meters long and weighs 228 kilograms of Nile crocodile, saying the act against which no joke.

In most cases under the crocodile fish-based food, but also almost all jumped into the river to eat animals, an adult Nile crocodile can completely kill a lion, and may only hurt a little negative. This is the first time the Lions should be in prayer, because crocodiles eat fish not because I like to eat, but did not have a choice, it is of course willing when necessary, a change of taste.

47-year-old photographer in South Africa to see the lion funny face, too, expressed unbelievable, usually the lion is afraid of the crocodile, the largest in the event it just be vigilant.


Rumored Apple To Give Up The 4-inches iPhone 6C Because Of The Great Selling iPhone 6

Apple has plans to produce iPhone 5C size of iPhone6 phone. The phone from the appearance and feel to see similar iPhone 6, but the size is 4 inches.

If nothing else, just over a month, we will see the long-rumored iPhone 6S / 6S Plus. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has let Apple tasted big-screen phone to give the "sweetness", the company likely will continue to go down this road. However, industry analysts Timothy Arcuri revealed that Apple had previously considered the development of the new four inches iPhone6 ​​phone (also known as iPhone 6C), but because of the iPhone 6 and 6 S to sell good, eventually canceled the project.

Timothy Arcuri citing supply chain news that Apple had planned to produce iPhone 5C size of iPhone6 ​​phone. The phone from the appearance and feel to see similar iPhone 6, with the current configuration of Apple's flagship smartphone the same internal components, but the size is 4 inches.

Obviously, with the year iPhone5 C as small size iPhone6 ​​for those who want to experience the Apple ecosystem, but not willing to pay big bucks to buy the new iPhone consumers.

Timothy Arcuri said that he previously has evidence to prove the existence of the small size of iPhone 6 news from the apple industry chain news this year from January to March period tracked. But now, this "trail" has disappeared.

Apple Why should terminate or kill the project, Timothy Arcuri gives his own answer. "I think one reason is because Apple's current iPhone6 ​​sold well." He said, "If you give us the iPhone 6C, that in essence, that is, we have to create a cheap version iPhone6 ʱ??

Previously, Timothy Arcuri has said that even if Apple released the new iPhone, the existing sales and iPhoen6 6 Plus will still remain strong, especially after the price when these two devices.

It should be noted that this is not the first time we heard about the four inches of metal iPhone6 ​​rumors. In June this year, Jeffries analyst once pointed out in its report, Apple will launch a low-cost configuration 4 inch metal version iPhone, the phone is expected to be released in 2016, or call iPhone6 ​​C.

But, unfortunately, Jefferies did not mention the phone whether it has the same with the iPhone 6 parts and design in its report. According to Timothy Arcuri news, Apple wrote in a report to clients last December also revealed the development of the iPhone 4 inches information.

However, whether it is speculation or rumor, they have not been applied officially confirmed by Apple. Therefore, even if there is evidence of industry news, but it does not mean that Apple will surely release a small size version iPhone6. Similarly, even if the two analysts are accurate "prophet", but it does not represent Apple has definitely put this product into the market, not to mention Timothy Arcuri tracking Apple's new products in its experience, there have been "missed" when. For example, Timothy Arcuri had previously predicted that Apple's iPhone 6 will be configured 4.8 inches screen, rather than 4.7 inches. He had previously said, iPhone 6 Plus processor power than iPhone6 ​​much larger.

Of course, for the first large technology companies such as Apple, they eventually decided to bring products to market, we usually test many different types of products, therefore, four inches iPhone6 ​​may also become a kind of "cannon fodder" products.

Perhaps we need to wait until Apple releases the next version iPhone6S, the answer will not be known, if nothing else, then, this product is expected to be launched in September this year.

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More Than 60% iPhone Users Do Not Know That The Battery Can Be Replaced

If you use Apple's battery replacement service, cost than buying a new phone is much cheaper.

America's largest battery and bulb dealers Batteries Plus Bulbs for 1000 users recently conducted a survey, the survey showed that 61.4 percent of iPhone users do not know they are using the iPhone can replace the battery. This means that more than 60% of iPhone users on the phone can replace the battery without the knowledge of the issue.

Batteries Plus Bulbs company also found that 56 percent of Americans think their smart phones "many problems", and the battery life is a major problem. This also shows that there may be more user wants to fix battery life issues, but they do not know that they would have been able to solve this problem.

Of course, Batteries Plus Bulbs probably still want users to be able to use the company's repair service. However, if you use Apple's own replacement, may be greater than the cost is much cheaper to buy a new phone. If out of shelf life, so the various versions of the Apple store iPhone battery replacement costs are only cost $ 79.

For iPhone users, battery life is indeed a problem, in order to Yours adds a "low power" of the new features in the new version of Apple's iOS 9 system still, this mode can be sacrificing some of the expense of mobile performance saving battery consumption. However, this move also shows that the battery life is not the only reflected in the survey data of revelation.

In fact, the survey also provides another relevant information, and that is about how the US mobile phone users a way damaged or lost. The most prominent is that 25% of respondents are very disappointed to throw away the cell phone, 24% of respondents the phone fell into the toilet, and even 20 percent of the respondents because drunk and forget your cell phone Where.

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NASA Discovered A Mars-Sized Exoplanets

NASA announced the discovery of Kepler-138b report, which is a volume approaching Mars-sized planet, about 200 light-years away from us.

There are three known planets in the Kepler -138 stellar system, the other two are in the periphery of Kepler -138b
NASA released outside after a second Department of Earth, also issued a series of observations of exoplanets, such as exoplanet Kepler-138b. Kepler-138b is characterized by volume of nearly the size of Mars, is likely to be a rocky planets, exoplanets Fengyun size of Mars is about 200 light years from us, located in the northern hemisphere constellation Lyra direction around a red Dwarf run. SETI Institute astronomer Jason Luo believes Kepler-138b is another discovery of Kepler mission team, we have been able to calculate the size and the quality of its objects.

When we calculate its average density, find it within our solar system, Mars is very close to the twin Mars called exoplanets. Extrasolar planets have various sizes and quality, and some rocky planets similar in size to Venus, some closer to the Earth, of course, there are some larger gaseous planets. The now discovered Kepler- 138b is a mars-sized celestial bodies. Interestingly, the discovery process Kepler-138b think people discovered Neptune's history. In the early 1800s, scientists discovered that the orbit of Uranus some exceptions, and the emergence of a slight "deviant" and therefore speculated that the presence of a planet there.

In 1846, scientists have discovered the existence of Neptune. Celestial gravitational tug of war allows astronomers to discover an unknown planet, Kepler-138b as well. There are stars in the Kepler-138 three known planetary systems, the other two are in the periphery of Kepler-138b, so transit time will be delayed, but the scientists found that the periphery of the planetary transit time calculation does not match, so the speculation track by the impact of another planet.

Once people realize that planet's gravity caused the track abnormal, we can calculate based on Newton's laws Kepler-138b quality, while the calculated mass and the average density of Kepler-138b. Eventually we found exoplanet Kepler-138b is a quality close to Mars. But Kepler-138b are red dwarfs tidally locked, the temperature is 400-500K, Kepler-138b there is always a side facing the star.

The Next Decade Will Foster Real "Jurassic Park" Miniature Dinosaur

Currently, the US scientists latest research shows that over the next 10 years, or will breed true version of "Jurassic Park" dinosaurs, but the future of dinosaur body to be smaller, not like the movie so cunning.

Currently, the US scientist James Horner of Montana State University, noted that the real version of "Jurassic Park" may be implemented in the next 10 years!

Horner said that modern chickens and all birds carry a large number of dinosaur DNA, despite the disappearance of the dinosaurs extinct, but there are still dinosaurs secret codes, these "dinosaur DNA" may be more than the number of dinosaur fossil record DNA.

Recently, Horner of Montana State University in his lab conducted experiments on birds DNA modification. It is reported that he is a science fiction movie "Jurassic Park," the technical adviser, he noted that the film is described by scientists recover complete dinosaur fossil DNA is impossible! DNA contains a large number of molecules, is composed of trillions of pieces composed by combining chemical processes in the nucleus when cells die, the chemical process is closed, these molecules are very fragile, they began to collapse collapse. At the same time, this process occurs very short time, we do not consider how many millions of years after the resurrection dinosaur fossil DNA.

In the latest one, "Jurassic Park" highlight Indominous rex, which is a new type of genetically modified dinosaurs, which combines multiple dinosaur species gene and other animals. This lab-grown "chicken dinosaurs" very different. Horner said that the size of Tyrannosaurus rex foster Poodle did easy task, let alone nurture the huge size of new transgenic dinosaurs.

Horner said: "We can let the birds have a dinosaur tooth, reversing the gene test, as long ago Yale University and Harvard University research team made mouth beak similar to dinosaurs together, we are mainly chicken wings It turned into a dinosaur limb. "

In the sci-fi movie "Jurassic Park" raptors trained to become the park's "Hound", while larger size Indominous rex was described as a very clever cunning, the above situation can occur in the real real dinosaur breeding programs as well?

Horner pointed out that the intelligence of dinosaurs, we do not know much, we are mammals, our way of thinking is nature's most intelligent, so far the human way of thinking or an information processing method is absolutely beyond other animals. Indominous rex dinosaur is a new type of genetically modified species, which features a mix of other animals, if our intelligence is clearly beyond the few pieces of species, can transcend Indominous rex. The future we may need to cultivate miniature dinosaurs about 10 years.

Smart Toothbrush Is What Kind Of Experience?

In the continuous development of science and technology of today, it seems that no matter what, just add technology, intelligent these words it always feels cool, like smart watches, smart car, can make us are already familiar with the product becomes cooler Even toothbrush as well.

Oral-B toothbrush is the traditional vendors in the first step into one of the vendors in this area, its iBrush intelligent electric toothbrush on the brush to join a number of intelligent features, including supporting the wise wizard and mobile App.

Among the wizard and App, users can more easily view the brushing program their own use or live in the teeth brushing proposals simultaneously. App can also help users to formulate plans according to their needs brushing and synchronized to the toothbrush, to help users develop better brushing habits to avoid the embarrassment of intelligent toothbrush to get but do not know how to use it.

Also in the package toothbrush App users can also create their own dental database, or even contact clinics and dentists, dental records observations, we can say, iBrush work already completed many toothbrush outside, it is more focused on the whole process becomes more brushing futuristic.

Whether from the appearance point of view or from the functional point of view, this toothbrush have done the coolest look, but intelligence also led to join its price soared, then an electric toothbrush in the end to how cool is it, intelligence on toothbrush and whether they can really help us?

Ten camera phones rankings, iPhone 6 Plus only ranked fourth

In addition to iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung S6 edge, Sony Xperia Z3 + outside, three years before the launch of the Nokia 808 PureView can still get a seat, unexpected.

Smartphone development up to now, although there has emerged a number of new selling point, but the photographic effect is still the most valued consumers and manufacturers links, which also makes it in the purchase of new models, the phone's camera often become a key consideration for selected objects. If you have a camera ready to start an excellent smartphone plan, then it may be through a professional camera review sites DxOMark current test results released still photos and video of two aspects of popular mobile phone rankings, take a look at what models we have photographic effect is worth it.

iPhone 6/Plus cameras ranked joint 1st in highly-respected DxOMark Mobile tests

Tenth: Nokia 808 PureView (score 77 points)

Nokia 808 PureView camera phone lasted three years but also ranks among the top ten, perhaps only with the classic of classics to describe it. In fact, DxOMark camera performance of the aircraft has been highly respected. According to them, by limiting the noise PureView technology, Nokia 808 PureView phone successfully improve the image quality of the camera, the advantages of high resolution is possible than similar models to capture more detail and image quality in low light conditions is far far more than its competitors. Of course, the machine is in greater contrast, the color performance is slightly inferior shortcomings also exist.

Nokia 808 PureView also the first time with a 41 million pixel sensor, and the size CMOS sensor has reached a 1 / 1.2 inches, has a 28mm wide-angle lens and is equipped with Xenon flash, and retained the Nokia consistent entity shutter, which makes the Nokia 808 PureView with DC is very close with operating experience. Unfortunately, the machine has become the only short board, not outstanding operational efficiency and the application of a lack of Saipan Bella system makes this Nokia camera last king did not receive the expected glory.

Still, in the minds of many people, this camera phone status still can not be replaced. While the Nokia 808 PureVie now already discontinued, but a friend might be interested or can be mined as a collection purposes.

Ninth: Google Nexus 6 (score 78 points)

Google Nexus series in the camera always been mediocre, but this situation on the Nexus 6 has been significantly improved. The aircraft are equipped with a 13 million pixel camera for now is not luxurious, but wins in adding optical image stabilization feature, and than in the past has made substantial progress on the photographic effect. According to the evaluation DxOMark think the machine's overall exposure well in sunny conditions with good detail, outdoor photographs taken with good color stability and repeat focusing also performed well. If open LED flash, then the resulting photograph also has a good detail retention, color performance and exposure with good results.

Of course, Google Nexus 6 photographic effect is not perfect, phenomena such as the part of the scene will be cast, especially under overcast and cloudy weather, white balance performance is not ideal, and photo clarity is not the center and corners coherent, there is under full light conditions, the AF speed Pianman. Fortunately, the aircraft in the video shoot in terms of detail, color performance and noise reduction performance is good, but the video image stabilization effect is still room for improvement.

The first Nexus OEM Motorola mobile phones, pure native system plus decent hardware configuration, the aircraft performance is also naturally not disappoint. And with Motorola's unique turbo quick charge function, it can let you in 15 minutes to let the phone quickly have eight hours of power reserve. Currently, Motorola has been launched in the country licensed version of Moto X Pro, 32GB capacity version of the Moto X Pro is priced at 4,299 yuan, while the 64GB capacity version is priced at 4,699 yuan.

Eighth: Sony Xperia Z2 (score 79 points)

Sony Xperia Z2 camera configuration compared to the past in the not too many changes, but the result was better camera makes the machine once the summit in DxOMark rankings, became the best camera smartphone. Like conventional camera review, scores of professional camera site DxOMark given a combination of the phone's camera and video recording of the performance, and said Sony Xperia Z2 in outdoor lighting and challenging, which makes color photos and detail impressive, but it also maintained a high-speed AF performance Xperia Z1 and improved focusing accuracy.

Sony Xperia Z2 also improved compared to the past noise level of the image, does not appear on some models of color noise common phenomenon, it will only produce fine-grained spot in some cases. In addition, Sony's models in the video also has good performance, you can record 4K resolution video, and support for high speed slow mirror similar results.

Sony Xperia Z2 maintain a family excellent waterproof and dustproof functions, and are equipped with 5.2 inches touch screen IPS screen material also used to improve the lack of display areas in the past. Also, the machine is also equipped with 3GB large memory, built Xiaolong 801 processor, and adds a simple desktop, intelligent call handling and intelligent backlight control. Currently, Sony has prepared this month for the machine to provide Android5.1.1 system upgrade, as the price of the phone because the Xperia Z3 + other models available in the country has dropped to around 2250 yuan.

Seventh: Sony Xperia Z3 (score 79 points)

Sony Xperia Z3 is also once came out on top of the camera phone, although follows the predecessor of 20.7 million pixel sensor, but with a wider viewing angle 25mm lens, and supports up to ISO12800 perceived brightness in low light situations also can get a good Photo. According to the test results after DXOMark evaluation under the machine outdoors and in low light conditions has a wealth of picture detail, noise control is also very good, accurate picture overall exposure, focus speed and accuracy of a bright environment excellent in most scenarios Color is also satisfactory.

Sony Xperia Z3 Problems balance effect still reflected in some scenes, such as in the lower part of the outdoors and low-light environments, but also in backlit camera when the glare appears, photographs and sometimes in the open under the lights of the situation, Color reproduction is also room for improvement. However, the Sony Xperia Z3 improved compared to the past on many details still commendable, such as to enhance the brightness IPS touch screen, the continuation of the same outstanding waterproof performance, with a thin body and narrow frame design, but in the machine body four corners smooth handling and the use of nylon, more satisfactory performance in terms of popular brands.

Sony Xperia Z3 also slightly upgraded the processor and adding more somatosensory operation mode applications. Close some applications and services, as for 3100 mA when the distribution of the electrical machine, while not large capacity, but powerful STAMINA power saving mode brings several options, but can charge in some certain values , so as to bring the aircraft close to nine and a half hours of battery life performance strong. Currently, the machine offers spring white, Obsidian Black, amber gold, a variety of optional colors, mainstream price has dropped to 3,899 yuan.

Sixth: Samsung GALAXY S5 (score 79 points)

Samsung GALAXY S5 although not successful, but the upgrade in the camera is quite remarkable. The machine will not only upgrade to 16 million pixels camera, but also by the ISOCELL sensitive components, the overall image quality has been significantly improved, vivid photos and detail is good. But it also adds real-time and focus HDR camera mode selection, the former enables you to WYSIWYG when shooting HDR effect, and focus selection you can choose to focus after the photo shoot, which are among the leading opponents at the time functions.

Samsung GALAXY S5 also enhance the camera's focus speed, the camera when focusing speed is very good. According DxOMark test performance point of view, the aircraft photographs in exposure, white balance and color, etc. are satisfactory, but the noise in low-light conditions is relatively high, the texture detail is lost, affecting the aircraft's final scores. However, although the link with the Sony Xperia Z3 pictures the same score, but the machine scores higher in the video link, the main advantage is the accurate focusing and nice details, and support for 4K video recording machine plus a lot of points.

Samsung also added for the aircraft waterproof IP67 level, and the integration of fingerprint recognition in the Home key, you can enter a personal password for fast unlock the phone function. Apart from the suspension preview, multiple windows, intelligent sleep and other functions, Samsung also for the aircraft to increase the heart rate monitor function, and means of propulsion download feature allows the user to use WLAN and LTE network to download large files faster. Currently, the aircraft depending on the version of the National Bank in the country has dropped to between 2599-3399 yuan.

Fifth: Apple iPhone 6 (score 82 points)

iPhone 6 although still ancestral 8 million pixel camera, but that does not mean that the aircraft in the photographic effect is also marking time. In addition to using the new 800-megapixel CMOS sensor to improve image quality beyond the introduction phase focusing technology also makes the machine faster autofocus. In the actual test DxOMark of the better conditions in the light of the situation, iPhone 6 AE effect is very good, fast and accurate autofocus. As for the indoor and outdoor lighting conditions, the resulting picture is still a very good detail.

iPhone 6 in low light environment most of the time the photographs and color noise reduction processing done are in place, but not perfect, some photos will appear obvious color quantization and moire, there will be some heavy Movies and stripes appear, thus affecting the picture effect. Of course, Apple's advantage in terms of balance is very clear, which makes the shoot out photos look more natural. At the same time in terms of video recording, iPhone 6 autofocus quickly and accurately, is considered the best team DxOMark Mobile phone ever tested.

iPhone 6 can now be upgraded to the new iOS 9 system, capable of processing performance for demanding tasks. Also, the machine for the first time to upgrade to 4.7 inches touch screen and has a 6.9mm slim body, joined the NFC chip and Apple Pay payment services. Also equipped with M8 dynamic coprocessor designed specifically for fitness applications, loaded with atmospheric pressure, etc. can be used to test changes in barometric pressure sensor. And iPhone 6 Plus, the plane was canceled 32GB capacity version offers 16GB / 64GB / 128GB three capacity options, domestic licensed version is priced at 4688 yuan.

Fourth: Apple iPhone 6 Plus (score 82 points)

Apple iPhone 6 Plus is the same as the iPhone 6 DxOMark first time more than 80 points in the evaluation of smart phones, the automatic exposure function normally very accurate, in different lighting conditions are good performance, autofocus quickly and accurately. Even if the camera is only 800 million pixels, but the output of the photo also has a high level of detail, including indoor and outdoor alike, and noise reduction in low light environment is ideal.

In addition, due to the addition of optical image stabilization feature, so even under poor light conditions, it is possible to get a good picture, and HDR photos afterimage phenomenon is relatively minor. However, iPhone 6 Plus presence of so-called video stabilization artifacts, it seems the relationship with the optical image stabilization is relatively large, resulting in video stability score slightly lower than iPhone 6. Since the machine comes with 5.5 inches IPS display, support for 1920 × 1080 pixel resolution with true color, wide viewing angle characteristics, so to view or edit the pictures and videos on the go easy.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus also has a similar lateral iPad interface, and with a larger capacity battery, the battery life will have better performance. As for the other actions, such as M8 A8 processor and coprocessor, TouchID ApplePay fingerprint scanner and support functions, both iPhone 6 mobile phone is no more different. Currently, iPhone 6 Plus licensed version of the price from 6088 yuan for sale, and offers three color styles to choose from.

Third: Sony Xperia Z3 + (score 82 points)

Sony's new flagship Xperia Z3 + and did not make an impact, but the machine's photographic effect is remarkable, the test result DxOMark released, the machine got a score of 82 with the iPhone 6 Series unchanged. Like with the previous Xperia Z3, Sony for this new machine loaded with 20.7 million pixel image sensor Exmor RS, and has a 25mm wide-angle lens, ISO 12800 high sense of, and support for HDR and 4K recording capabilities.

From the specific performance, Sony's new machine still photos, the contrast and exposure control have shown a superior level, but because of the flash color temperature control of reason, which makes pictures taken with flash some yellowish ʱ?? As for motion video, the Sony Xperia Z3 + performance is quite balance, exposure control again strengths, image stabilization and stable performance is ideal, but the video shoot in autofocus slower.

Sony Xperia Z3 + still touch screen display aspects of the upgrade, bringing a better brightness and contrast, even in strong sunlight can also provide a sharp bright display, but did not have any impact on the phone's battery life. As for other hardware configuration, the aircraft is equipped with a Snapdragon 810 processor, but it seems heating control has not been the perfect solution, with storage 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM combination, and will upgrade to 500 million pixels front camera. Currently, this Sony's new machine in the domestic market price as high as 4,999 yuan, cost is not very satisfactory.

Second: Samsung GALAXY Note 4 (score 83 points)

Samsung GALAXY Note 4 players can beat a congregation photographs and get ranked second success somewhat surprising. But in fact, whether it is the actual performance of the major media evaluation or the user's point of view, the aircraft have a good performance, and because of the advantages of the pixels, so the details of the picture to be due after the iPhone 6. As conclusion DxOMark given laboratory is Samsung's flagship cross-border focus speed quickly and smoothly, all the photos can be maintained good detail and color performance is commendable, AE outdoors or indoors have a good which performed. However, in low-light conditions some photos of the noise will be more obvious, and sometimes there will be re-focus condition.

In the video recording side is the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 main ways to win high marks, especially in two areas in the exposure and focus is to get a score of over 90 points, specific performance is with good detail and very low noise exposure picture is quite accurate. As disadvantage is that sometimes go awry color, and when the image stabilization work would be more obvious. In addition, the aircraft loaded 5.7 inches touch screen, not only reached the top of the 2K resolution and authority even been named as the best tablet phone display, which also provide the perfect support for the camera and browsing.

Samsung GALAX Note 4 also has provided Android 5.1.1 system update, and the processor configuration also continued the past practice, depending on the sale of regional and operator, were equipped with the Orion Xiaolong 805 and 5433 of two eight-core processor models, while the aircraft's outstanding performance endurance is legendary. Currently, Samsung GALAXY Note 4 has elegant jet black, phantom white, pink twilight gold Maximo Oliveros four color style choices, as the various versions of the licensed ranging from 3799 yuan to 4599 yuan.

First: Samsung GALAXY S6 edge (score 86 points)

Although the pixel is never the only measure of image quality, but the Samsung GALAXY S6 and S6 edge of the loaded 16 million pixel sensor still has some attractions, not only f / 1.9 large aperture lens is better equipped to take pictures in low light environments and optical image stabilization feature can also enhance the picture quality in any environment, these advantages make the Samsung GALAXY S6 edge average score in still images and video appearances evaluation of up to 86 minutes, thus ranking championship aspirations smartphone camera. And according to Dxomark say, the Samsung GALAXY S6 edge of the camera in enough light source case, the photographs regardless of detail and noise performance are very good, while including AE, AF speed, white balance and color performance is also very good, while at low light, but also to maintain a good level of detail.

Samsung GALAXY S6 edge part in video recording also had a strong showing, delicate images and noise control is better, and the exposure is very accurate, has a good white balance and color performance, but the disadvantage is "jelly effect" is more obvious, and low Sometimes there will be light environment color deviation. In addition, Samsung GALAXY S6 edge of the camera operation is very simple, fast start after opening set, in any interface quickly press the Home key or two will be able to shoot directly into the interface, and 2K resolution level touch screen display, The aircraft is also a big advantage.

Samsung GALAXY S6 edge can also be obtained in the next firmware update in manual mode and RAW format photos output, and the machine performance is also on an absolute advantage ahead of the competition, called the benchmark level domain system models Android. For example, the loading of its own Exynos 7420 processor, not only better in performance, but also power, it is also a qualitative leap. While the first use of 3GB LPDDR 4 + UFS 2.0 flash memory, combined with a streamlined interface based on the new Touchwiz Android 5.0.2 system, the aircraft was brought more perfect fluency.

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Ten Desert Mystery: Desert Gems And Mysterious Spider Arts

Desert Gem: Scientists on the pharaoh scarab gem interested, that it formed earlier than the Egyptian civilization. They speculated this brilliant gem may be formed in the Sahara meteorite or meteorite impact air explosion, but did not find any impact craters in the Sahara Desert, so that the more likely a meteorite exploding in Earth's atmosphere, the temperature reached fireball so Saharan sand 18 000 degrees Celsius, eventually melting into the mysterious crystal.

Mysterious spider art: Egypt's Western Desert Spider artwork found damaged fragments, located at 175 kilometers west of Luxor, on a piece of sandstone Kharga Oasis describing mysterious ancient spider rock art, at dawn, you can see on the rocks the painting is similar to spider webs and spiders, even trapping prey. Egyptologists believe that the history of these ancient spider art can be traced back to 4,000 years BC, even before the prehistoric civilization.

Nabta Playa: Located in the Sahara Nabta Playa, its history even than Stonehenge 1,000 years earlier, which included the erection of Stonehenge opposed peace pillars, these pillars weighs several tons, some of the height of 2.7 meters. Archaeologists believe that 6000--6500 unknown Stone Age people built years ago, probably by far the most ancient megalithic structures astronomical calculations.

Pisco hole: As the hole near Peru Pisco Nazca Lines, its popularity is not high, hole in Peru Pisco Pisco desert canyon arid regions, is thousands of conical hole structure, so far archeology home and did not know who built. Some suggest that this is some mysterious ancient inhabitants built the barn or the grave, but in fact it's a depth of two meters, are unlikely to be used to store food or bury the bodies.

Atacama nitrate: Darwin has called the Atacama Desert is a "place where nothing exists," the South American desert is considered to be the planet's most arid regions, but here has the world's largest number of nitrate and iodine deposits. Possible explanation: these minerals and the Pacific extends 50 kilometers related to atmospheric nitrogen through a combination of soil and salt, transformed into nitrate; the local mountains rising influx of ancient mineral-rich water to the surface.

Unknown human species: In 2011, scientists found that so far the oldest man-made stone tools in Kenya desert wasteland, the findings confirm the ancient tool is not manufactured by the early modern humans. History made 149 stone tools dating back to 3.3 million years ago, when there is no human ancestors, scientists speculated that it may be caused by an unknown species of ancient human-made.

Syria Remains: History Syrian desert ruins of a more ancient than the pyramids of Egypt, 80 kilometers from the Syrian capital of Damascus, and its history can be traced back to 5,000 years ago, compared with that at the ruins, Damascus is a "young city." In 2009, archaeologist Robert - Mason found near the rocks more ancient history than expected, there may 6000--10000 years. In contrast, Egypt Pyramids of Giza are about 4500 years old.

Four corners area of the United States mysterious gas: In 2003, methane gas monitoring satellite discovered the four corners area of the United States to release large amounts of greenhouse gases, the four corners region is Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah at the junction of the desert, the data show the four corners area of release methane gas equivalent to 10% of the US release of methane gas per year, and this phenomenon lasted for six years. Currently, the researchers speculated that the local 40,000 gas wells related.

Strange tomb: In 2005, the king of Egypt Valley discovered a mysterious tomb 3,000 years ago, this is a simple limestone tomb, which has 28 jars and 7 coffins, they are carefully sealed up, some of the jars and coffins painted yellow face pattern, but after opening the jar and archaeologists found inside the coffin and no body, but rock, clothing, wood, and even a coffin also put forward another coffin.

Fairy ring: Namibia desert dotted with millions of circle-shaped structure, the edge of the distribution of the height of the grass to the knee, but the center of the circle is bare. For years, scientists have puzzled, had a variety of interpretive theory: termites devour nutrients due; zebra and other animal habitats; poisonous plants and fungi kill circle of plants. The latest study suggests that the mysterious desert vegetation fairy ring is the result of competition for nutrients.

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