India Meghalaya, local residents with toxic fishing roots, venom into the water after the fish will affect the respiratory system, and can not make death, but the formation of "shock" state to facilitate the fishermen catch. It does not affect human health many local residents are using this method of fishing and fish consumption of such "poisoning" after time. Similarly, in the Amazon Basin Indigenous venom is also used to catch fish.


Photos Taken At The Right Moment 2015

We Bored Pandas are huge fans of perfectly timed photos that capture perfect (and usually funny or unexpected) moments that come and go with a blink of the eye. The internet is abound with images shared by people who have captured images at just the right moment or from just the right perspective, so we wanted to share some more of them with you.

Anyone with a smart phone, point-and-click camera, DSLR or any other sort of camera can potentially capture such a moment – whether it’s staged or spontaneous. If you’ve ever captured such a photo, share it with us below!

Can Acer Cloudbook Become Chromebook's Competitors

Lowest cost only $ 170, you can get a 1TB capacity of the new Windows 10 notebook.

As a leading PC manufacturer, Acer has a lot of low-end, low-cost laptops and desktops, they are popular in the mainstream market for Windows does help. Recently, the company has planned to launch Aspire One Cloudbook series of products to meet the needs of small-size notebook enthusiasts. Judging from the product positioning, Cloudbook series seems to be a direct competitor to Google Chromebook, and that if it has the ability to take away the latter's market share it? Digital Trends technology website recently on this were analyzed.

"Free" storage space

The lowest cost only $ 170, you can get a 1TB capacity of the new Windows 10 notebook, which should become a major selling point Cloudbook series. But it is worth noting that this 1TB of storage space is not an actual computer hard drive capacity, but as OneDrive storage space available to users, but this is only the beta version of Microsoft Office 365 services is bound only. Taking into account the Windows 8 PC already has pre-installed Office 365, which did not produce fresh. And after a one-year trial period ends, you will not only be unable to save and edit the files in Office which, 1TB of storage space that will also fail.

If you really think so little money to spend can get a 1TB notebook hard drive capacity of Windows 10, I can only say you are too naive.

Nothing is permanent - especially cloud storage

Unfortunately, the situation is actually Chromebook also similar, although such equipment is expected to occur this year, 27% of sales growth. As part of the marketing strategy, Chromebook users get 1TB of free Google Drive storage space, valid for 2 years.

While this may sound like a good deal, but most users actually less than such a large storage space. Microsoft itself had previously said that the majority of computer users in the hard drive of the stored files will not exceed 15GB. As the cloud storage space, this number will not exceed 100GB.

Microsoft and Google are clearly aware of this, which is what they set a "trap." They knowingly provide their own cloud storage space and will not be fully used, and wait until after the trial period ends, they will lure you pay to renew these services. This can only be said to be smart business practices, but also far from a revolutionary technology.

Microsoft, Acer and the demise of the hard disk

Engadget recently Cloudbook called "minimalist PC concept", but this is like saying the virus is not the same Mac. Regardless of minimalism minimalist not, you always need to access your files anytime, anywhere, but this is only an internal storage capacity of 16GB notebook, it's this several system upgrade file stored on the storage space may be filled. Want Office or other necessary tools to install? The doors are not.

Dragged down by the simplicity

If there is between $ 200 and Acer Chromebook notebook big difference, it is only operating system. Although Windows 10 won unanimous praise from the media, but this can only represent the views advanced PC users, rather than the average consumer's voice.

As we all know, Chromebook to run almost entirely dependent on the page, which is its ability to seamlessly Google Drive reasons. It can be said, Chrome OS let Chromebook has become a reasonably viable product, but Cloudbook clearly not the case.

Chrome OS is a tightly integrated hardware and operating system, so even without a large amount of physical storage space, it is also reasonable, the lack of offline service is Google's intentional. However, Windows 10 for local storage is still very high dependence.

Advanced users want their photo and video editing software can run smoothly on Windows 10 device, while general users want Cloudbook can work like other Windows 10 notebook, but this show is clearly unable to meet the needs of these two user groups.

Who does not wait to see the notebook

It seems, Cloudbook can not wait to see who said that a notebook, this problem is not limited its mobile processors or timeliness of extra features low performance can be resolved.

If you look carefully at the product introduction, you will find $ 170 version of the Cloudbook fact only 100GB of cloud storage space, rather than other, more expensive models 1TB. As a result, this device is not only the physical storage space is extremely limited, even a large portion of online storage space is also less.

Movie "Mars Rescue" Presents Nine To Be Realized Mars Technology

Mars human base: science fiction movie "Mars Rescue" will be released in October this year, the film describes the astronaut Mark - Wate Ni how to survive on Mars. NASA is studying some of the latest technology, the future contribute to human landing on Mars in 2030. Currently, NASA has not yet built real human base on Mars, but at the Johnson Space Center to simulate a two-storey human exploration and research base.

Mars Farm: the movie "Mars Rescue" appeared in astronaut nutrition Wate Ni body at the base after he tried to plant some potatoes. In fact, the astronauts in space has begun planting crops, such as: the recent international space station astronauts, "vegetarian" experiment for the first time to harvest the lettuce. This will build the future of humanity farm Mars brings hope.

Water system: In the movie "Mars Rescue", the astronaut Wate Ni facing scarcity of drinking water, this challenge also exists in the lives of astronauts in space, they cycle through urine, sweat, etc., to get drinking water. For future space missions, NASA's attempt to improve water filtration system to ensure astronauts carry less water in case the water planet.

Mars made oxygen apparatus: the movie "Mars Rescue" astronauts Wate Ni using the "oxygenator" on the Martian surface to obtain oxygen, which means Mars aircraft fuel by extracting oxygen from the carbon dioxide in the machine. Currently, astronauts in the International Space Station using an oxygen production system separating the water molecules become hydrogen and oxygen, the oxygen is supplied into the space station astronauts to breathe, some of the hydrogen is used to produce water.

Mars spacesuit: the movie "Mars Rescue" Wate Ni astronauts spend a lot of time wearing a spacesuit repair base on Mars, and complete remote journey to Mars.

Currently, NASA's space suit technology being developed for future human landing on the Martian surface, for example: Z-2 and space exploration suit prototype. From the bottom to put astronauts on Mars space suit, it can be exposed to the Martian surface environment, maximize avoid dust into the spacesuit.

Mars Rover: the movie "Mars Rescue" for the completion of the rover excursion, but after a few technical improvements can Wate Ni travel to distant areas. Currently, NASA is developing more than six mission space exploration vehicle (MMSEV), it is very flexible and able to complete the task on Mars or asteroid surface micro gravity environment. It is reported that, MMSEV appear flat tire can be quickly restored, it can be left floating damaged wheel, ensure the normal operation of the other wheel.

Ion thruster: In the movie "Mars Rescue", the astronaut Watney and other colleagues take the "Hermes number" spacecraft, spacecraft using ion thrusters that travel between Earth and Mars. Currently, NASA has begun to use ion propulsion, for example: currently in Ceres orbit, "Dawn" probe. Meanwhile, NASA is developing an upgraded version of xenon thruster.

Solar: In the movie "Mars Rescue", the astronaut Watney had a lot of solar panels, far beyond his needs, he decided to use some of the solar panels to help him survive the Martian surface. Over the years, in many NASA space probe also uses solar panels, the ISS will have four sets of solar panels, currently being developed, "Orion" spacecraft also used solar technology.

Nuclear Energy: In the movie "Mars Rescue", the Mars vehicle using radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG) to provide power, heat it can be produced by the decay of radioactive plutonium-238 into electricity, at the same time, RTG and astronaut rest cabin distance. Currently, NASA officials said the recent US Department of Energy to restart production of plutonium-238, will soon be able to manufacture 1.5 kg per year.

The History Of The Coolest High-Tech Car

We like science fiction movie, because it tends to have abstract concept, and provides direction for the development of forward-looking reality. In science fiction movies, the car is often an essential element, as the protagonist of their car, often play a significant role, following a look at where the coolest classic cars.

1. V8 Interceptor (Mad Max)

Mad Max "in the cool of the vehicle very much, presents a future doomsday style, full of a sense of feeling and mechanical violence. These models are often based on existing models modified, such as the protagonist driving V8 Interceptor, is being modified by the 1974 version of the Ford Falcon XB. Its exaggerated engine, binoculars shotgun weapon system is impressive, even fans cost about $ 125,000, with a completely generic.

2. Optimus Prime (Transformers)

Strictly speaking, Optimus is not a car, but a Transformers. Of course, the prototype of which is deformed Peterbilt 389, a well-known heavy-duty trucks, once dominant American highway, with domineering appearance and horsepower, and Optimus Prime Autobot commander of identity complement each other. In the movie, according to director Michael Bay also needs a second design, make this truck looks more modern, more domineering.

3. DeLorean DMC-12 (Back to the Future)

Classic sci-fi movie "Back to the Future" in the DeLorean DMC-12, is also a science fiction is familiar with many car enthusiasts and classic cars. Of course, in the movie it's not just a car, or a time machine that can help lead through time and space. In reality, it's first prototype completed in 1976, avant-garde, stainless steel body and gull-wing doors are very cool, but its performance is actually not so "super."

4. Ecto-1 (Ghostbusters)

"Ghostbusters" in the car not only vehicles, but also bear the heavy responsibility ghost probe, equipped with advanced instruments. The Ecto-1 is actually made up 1959 Cadillac modification, also led to a modification in the folk boom, a lot of fans have to transform their car into a film look.

5. Batmobile (Batman series of films)

There is no doubt that Batman is the world's richest, but also has the most advanced weapons and the superhero cool the vehicle. As a mortal, Batman does not exceed the capacity of natural, so need to use technology to arm themselves, their car is an integral part of nature. "Batman" has a history of a variety of Batmobile, the latest generation simply can be called heavy armored vehicles, exaggerated horsepower, while equipped with advanced weapons and recessive. In fact, this car is also true in reality exist, priced as high as ten million yuan.

6. Aston Martin series (007 series of films)

Another hero with high-tech luxury car apparently James Bond, Agent 007 is, in its every movie will be driving the latest Aston Martin streets, flirting with a different actress. The Aston Martin stunt often been modified, advanced cruise control, automatic driving technology and weapons systems, but only for the 007 special, can not buy in the market.

New Study: Using Chip To Control The Mouse Event

The head of the experimenter in mice implanted with a very small chip, you can observe the natural behavior of mice by this chip to provide a basis for identifying potential nerve disease areas.

Recently, researchers have developed has become a new achievement looks very futuristic. Researchers can control the motor nerve cells of mice by remote LED chip, thereby controlling the mouse to control the body activities or peripheral nerve in accordance with the will of the experimenter.

It is reported that the study and equipment published in the "Nature Methods" the latest issue of the magazine, aims to become a neuroscientist in the field of genetic change in light of new technology, you can use light to control the activities of nerve cells. Experimenter in mice transplanted the head of a very small chip, you can observe the natural behavior of mice by this chip to provide a basis for identifying potential nerve disease areas.

"This wireless optical field of genetics is a whole new way, but its volume is small, only the control mice in the experiment." Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University Ada Poon representation.

Previously, ordinary light genetics researchers are connecting the brains of mice by external fiber, carried on neuronal stimulation. And this approach is clearly limits the scope of activities of normal mice, such as burrowing like. More importantly, if the scientists to control the mouse through the fiber optic attachment, obviously not conducive to the future in the field of research.

So far, it proved to be a light Genetics great tool for the study of neurological diseases such as Parkinson's and other symptoms provides a basis, but the resolve to control behavior or electric components method you want to achieve is not easy.

The change is the addition of this new study wireless chip applications. Weight of this chip is only 20-50 mg, and the volume is also small enough to not only the brains of mice can be implanted, the implant may also include other parts of the spine and extremities, and researchers can stimulate peripheral nerves through the chip. And this little device will not alter the original rat nerve cells, without affecting normal activities. In the picture, we see a mouse in the range of activities and the LED light source can resonate, and the light is absorbed into the body, energy is transferred through the internal coil 2 mm of conduct.

Brain hole wide open for many readers, this technology could be used to implant the future of mankind and thus becomes a spiritual weapon control, but that is not true. Scientists say that the light can not control genetics human brain, because the human brain does not need associated neurons. And this technology is currently only in mice smaller animals such effect because in their brain, there is a name of opsin protein can be activated.

A Chinese Beautiful Programmer Homemade A "Hacker Heels"

There is a girl whose network called "SexyCyborg" in Shenzhen China developed a pair of "hacker heels", made by 3D print.

SexyCyborg is an extreme sexy and have a strong desire for knowledge, skills and creative beauty create customer, and on her feet she wore exactly the latest independent creation of "hacker heels."

It is learned that the true identity of SexyCyborg is a web developer, mainly for overseas software outsourcing company to do the work (but her client did not know she was a woman). Since reason in Shenzhen, the hardware industry, and 3D printing is also more familiar. She also through 3D scanning and 3D printing, made a model of his body, and the light-emitting skirts.

Beauty engineers certainly did not intend to become a hacker. She has a good mind: Women're out hope of traveling light, but sometimes they need some tools or something with me, the back of a package, but too much trouble, so she was aiming for the high-heeled shoes, she thinks a woman's high-heeled shoes is a can transformation of things, each can have a shoe compartment, brought reserve some small things - just a vamp open it.

The Flirty devised her latest work, is this pair of "shadowless high heels." Below each shoe is equipped with a small drawer, do not take off the shoes can be easily opened, it closed. It is worth mentioning that these shoes are 3D printing, we can customize the size of a drawer, you can hold a complete set of hacker infiltration equipment.

SexyCyborg to the media showing her heels 3D printing, and name it "shadowless shoes."

In the right shoe hidden a wireless router, a rechargeable battery.

"I had to print thickness is set to 0.3 mm. So it looks a little rough texture." She adds. Material is PLA, the filling factor of 20%, and apparently use a considerable amount of support material. SexyCyborg added that this weight like a normal pair of shoes shoes, but enough to support her weight. But she did not mention whether they are comfortable to wear, although a little doubt.

From SexyCyborg personal presentation page can tell, she is Cantonese, has been a girl, have not done a sex change operation, she is skinny is hereditary, although meat, but do not like to eat rice and bread, and never exercise. Occupation is not the model, is a full-time programmer.

Ruby SexyCyborg mainly used for software development, is undergoing a transformation JavaScript, but also hardware and 3D printing contact. Love open source, working for overseas companies at home, customers do not know that they are women, and their appearance.

She has done a breast augmentation in Thailand, reportedly because Thailand has the largest 800cc silicone and only 600cc. Often the picture is because they like it, could speak English because at school too, often see the US play and work in English, their English learning have helped.

Just look at this pair of women's high-heeled shoes and the general is not much difference, is nothing less than the volume of the heel is a little.

Earlier, SexyCyborg also use 3D printing a "shining skirt".

Germany ETF All-Wheel Steering Truck

Mentioned large mining truck, a lot of people is not the first thought that Caterpillar big, huge tires as well as a large carrying capacity. Especially for energy consumption is quite large, rugged face of mine sections, also had a case overturned. However, ETF is given another more economical solution. ETF is the first letter of the European Truck Factory, the German ETF Mining Trucks MT-240 heavy-duty mining trucks is to develop a unique steering system, the kind of huge tire was gone, replaced by a multi-row structure of the tire and all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering design, which will also get a smaller turning radius, better adaptability under mine road this complex environment, the design of the tire is also consistent with the spirit of the German industry.


UK University Rowing Team Shooting Nude Calendar

The Daily Mail reported that the British rowing team at Warwick University in 2016 launched a new version of the nude calendar, boys in front of the camera, "sincerity", a big show of muscle. This is the sixth school rowing team captured this calendar.

Long-term exercise players showed off their pride a muscle.