Samsung Will Launch The Pink Gold Version Of Galaxy Note 5

As today's global mobile phone market, the most influential of the two brands, Samsung and Apple are likely to lead each trend a trend. Talking about the most recent cell phone ring elements of pop, rose gold (pink gold) is undoubtedly one of them. Since the new iPhone 6s with no significant differences between the iPhone 6, a lot of mobile phone users rose gold become a new choice. As iPhone 6s series models largest competitor, Samsung Note5 naturally not want to be left behind fashion. According to the latest news, Samsung is about to bring Note5 Pink Gold (Pink Gold) version fashion female users finally the addition of a new choice.

Recently, titanium silver version Note 5 represented before sammyhub not listed in Korea will visit South Korean market, while also coming together before there have been no pink gold (officially called the Pink Gold) version and the new version only has 64GB capacity choose, priced at 965,800 won, about $ 880. As time to market, pink gold version will go on sale in South Korea on October 23.

It should be noted that the Samsung Galaxy Note at the beginning of 5 listed only four colors to choose from, namely black, white, gold, silver. The state line version is only white and gold. The Samsung Galaxy Note5 added pink gold color, whether will you sitll go and buy a rose gold version iPhone 6s now?

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Seven fossils found in 2015: the earliest dinosaur feathers and sperm

Secret dinosaur body temperature: Scientists analyzing the use of fossil dinosaur eggshell temperature, the higher the huge sauropod body temperature, while the lower body near the body temperature of birds stolen dragon egg, eggshell is formed in the oviduct of dinosaurs, its temperatureIt can directly reflect the true temperature of dinosaurs. While this study did not find clear evidence that dinosaurs were warm-blooded or cold-blooded.

The first sperm cells: Archaeologists have found 50 million years ago in Antarctica cocoon among well-preserved fossils of sperm cells, which is the oldest ever found in animal sperm.

Dinosaurs and hairy giant rats living in the same period: October 14, 125 million years ago, scientists announced the discovery of animal hair follicle, confirmed that it is part of an ancient giant rats similar creatures. More importantly, it confirmed these hair structure earlier than the closest fossils 60 million years. They pointed out that had already appeared in the dinosaur era long hair mammal.

Feathered Raptor: This year paleontologists to dig discovery "feather Raptor" fossil was shocked, and they are delighted to find that these raptors actually had feathers.

Enamel Source: published in "Nature" magazine, a study report shows that the human body may be associated with ancient enamel scale armor pieces related.

Ancient sea scorpion the size of a new human species: scientists found that 467 million years ago, a species of sea scorpion new roaming in the early ocean, its body size is close to the human body.

New Triceratops species: Archaeologists have found a new one in Canada Triceratops species, body six meters long and weigh up to 1 ton, living in 79 million years ago.


Mysterious Mushrooms‘s Foul Odors Can Make Women Reach Spontaneously Orgasm

Scientists have discovered a mysterious mushrooms in Hawaii volcano slopes, fetid odor can make women reach spontaneously orgasm.

Oysters and chocolate have been strange aphrodisiac effect, but with a mysterious mushroom latest discovery is very different. Currently, scientists in Hawaii volcano slopes to find a bright orange mushroom, can naturally lead to female orgasm.

For a long time, local legend it has special aphrodisiac effect, the researchers found that having a foul odor of mushrooms can naturally lead to female orgasm, they grow in the history of volcanic lava deposits is more distant.

Scientists believe it is one of the bamboo fungus species, this mushroom has a unique mesh mushroom head structure. In one experiment, 16 female and 20 male testers were asked to sniff the smell of this mushroom, they both said that smell is the stench. However, this smell so where six female testers appear natural orgasm, the other 10 women sniffing a few mushrooms smell, but also appeared in varying degrees heart rate.

This study shows that this unnamed unique mushroom exudes stench smell, it can stimulate female orgasm. The results show that hormones like present in a mixture of volatile part of the spores, the role of these mixtures similar neurotransmitters human sexual contact.

Interestingly, this mushroom growing very fast, only 45 minutes will "bloom." The researchers believe that they are capable of producing effective odor is to better reproduce.

Odom's Tragic Life, Six Relatives And Friends Died Consecutively Let Him Collapsed

As a former NBA Sixth Man Award as well as a member of the championship Lakers, Odom this has a brilliant career, but he eventually fell in a brothel, now a Las Vegas hospital still Odom rescue, in the outside world to pray for him at the same time, to uncover Odom tragic life, how was he step by step toward the fallen?

Death Response

For the "death" of the word, Odom is no stranger can even say that he has used that year, his mother Katie - Moer Se died because of cancer, but that year, Odom is only 12 years old, a very young age, he had to face the harsh reality.

It is said that the relationship between Odom and his father Joe Odom is not good, which was a heroin addiction, and her mother is the pillar Odom life, when the pillar down, you can understand a child's sad. "When my mother died, I went to the basketball court, a full day playing ball, I did not even go back for dinner, has been relying on basketball to intoxicate themselves."

After my mother passed away, Odom has been run by his grandmother Mildred Reid - Mei Seer upbringing, but in 2004, his loved ones who left him. After only two years, the more unfortunate things happened, Lamar Odom and former girlfriend Lisa - Morales born son Jayden was born seven months since he died of sudden infant death syndrome.

Painful summer

Odom's life is not the only haze, in the summer of 2009, this is his career in an unforgettable pleasure, this year, he followed the Lakers got the NBA championship, and and Kohler - Kardashian married, the cause of love double harvest, however, did not last long, so just maintain good two years time.

In June 2011, Odom once again got a heartbreaking message, own nearly 24-year-old cousin was shot dead, his mood was depressed to the extreme. "My cousin, his name is Curtis - Smith, we call him the 'stars', he robbed kill."

Then a strong man, when he witnessed one side of the family to leave their time, can not help but cry, then a strong man, when he saw death threats ensued when, there will be barely holding that day.

After just three days, to attend his cousin's funeral in the road, Odom driving the car hit a motorcycle, 15-year-old boy driving a motorcycle and then because of the head injuries, died. Odom crashed, he could not believe it all in front of ......

It is also from this time, Odom began to feel fear. "'Death' always seems enveloped around me, in these years, I have attended many funerals to bury their children, beginning, I have been in control of sadness, but a year and a half later, I'm still difficult from Such emotions out. When I saw my cousin and another boy have died, I was really knocked out, I feel like breaking down, I admit that I was not strong, but my spirit will really was defeated, I'm doing this from a lot of things can be reflected. "Odom said at the time.

In December, the Lakers Odom was traded to the Mavericks, leaving the career of the most attachment to the team, leaving the closest comrade in arms, Odom began Poguanposhuai.

Drug abuse, drunk driving and Rehabilitation

In 2013, a turning point in the life of Odom, in August, Odom was accused of drunken driving because, at the beginning he was not guilty, but two months later, Odom was formally charged.

September, Odom was sent to suspected drug detoxification and rehabilitation centers for treatment, he said the next day he left the rehabilitation center.

December, Odom drunk driving case closed, he was sentenced to probation for three years plus a $ 1,814 fine, plus a three-month alcohol treatment.

The marriage ended, the court career end

Odom off encounter trouble, marriage between him and the Kardashian also this rupture, the same month, Kohler - Kardashian to the court for a divorce, irreconcilable differences between the two have been. Allegedly, when the drug is to destroy marriage Odom fuse, and the two eventually divorced in July of this year.

A year ago, Odom had signed Yuenikesi, but just three months, he was the team laid off, the Knicks president, Phil Jackson - explained during the review Odom is: "Unfortunately, Lamar has not NBA players again in line with the requirements of the standard, we need to make one of those places. "

Phil Jackson is Odom's former mentor, mentor and even too cold to be abandoned, Odom really feel that their life without any expectations.

Best friend passed away, divorce, shocking death threats

2015, Odom continued to struggle in tragic life, from the age of 12 he started to play to large best friend Jamie passed away, a week later, another friend of his Hayward also because taking drugs overdose death.

After Jamie death, Kohler - Kardashian also felt overcome with grief, she was worried that this incident is likely to affect his ex-husband: "In the Lamar life, leaving their loved ones have suffered a lot of facts When this happens, I always worry about him. "

"I must be highly vigilant Lamar, any one thing might collapse will let him, so I had to stare at him, this is what I do for him the last thing." Kardashian said at the time.

But just a month, the two officially divorced. Subsequently, Odom was accused raid ex-wife, but he denied.

Today, Kardashian and her family have been in Las Vegas hospital waiting around Odom, Odom is experiencing life in another of the most important death threats, but this time, is on his own.


The Artist Uses Fecal Bacteria And Other Microbes For Painting

Agar Arts Challenge is a new and unique contest American Society for Microbiology (ASM) contractors, and even the use of human skin and fecal bacteria "nurture painting." As shown, this is the first winning "nerve cells" using Nesterenko coli (yellow), abnormal bacteria (orange part) and sphingosine Aeromonas (red) plotted.

This is the second in the contest - "biome map of New York," New York street map these plates as a template, some bacteria grow in the template.

Argentina Glacier Harbor Laboratory obtained a postdoctoral researcher in the contest third place, his work is called "harvest season", it is to cultivate yeast formed; the right work is called "cell-to-cell."

This is the researchers used Serratia marcescens and Escherichia coli grown in different galactosidase solution to form a red, white and blue flag.

Left work called "Is this fecal?" Owl face figure black outline is manufactured using salmonella hydrogen sulfide formation; right work is called "bifidobacteria miniature flowers," is the use of Bifidobacterium subspecies formed such probiotic widely used in dairy products.

Figure works called "intestinal bacteria Garden", is the use of a variety of intestinal bacteria "mixed Draw", which comprises: Escherichia coli (lavender), Citrobacter (cyan), Klebsiella pneumoniae (dark blue), the gut Road bacteria breeding in color bodies agar-agar will change color with different bacteria.

Portrait left is to use the purple bacterium designed violacein is made up of tiny, blue dye particles violacein and resulting in a lot of contrasting colors, you can clearly see the hair and glasses portraits, while yellow background strain as a portrait bottom color; the right is blooming sunflowers and black butterfly, black butterfly is formed by the growth of salmonella, sunflowers are formed by the growth of E. coli.

The picture is the famous French microbiologist Louis - Pasteur portrait artist purple pigment bacillus culture on agar, usually purple pigment coli can cause infections in animals and humans, which is a kind of "opportunistic pathogen." Purple pigment bacteria have the ability to grow in any medium, and create something called "purple pigment bacillin" antioxidants.

Left works called "minor subordinates," a cartoon "Despicable Me," the little yellow man Role pattern, which is Vibrio culture in agar growth formation; the right work is called "Beach", is formed vibrio culture and Vibrio species exist in crustaceans, if human intake will harm the body.

Concorde 2 Hypersonic Aircraft ", One Hour From New York To London

Currently, the latest development of Airbus' aircraft Concorde 2 ", which is similar to a letter A wing-shaped spaceship, according to describe the aircraft can climb vertically in the air, flying level beyond the speed of sound.

"Concorde 2 aircraft" flight from New York to London in just one hour, three times faster than earlier Concorde speed.

Airbus hopes this supersonic aircraft to transport passengers between the two cities, and fly much faster than most of the flight of aircraft, it is more secure than the Concorde, because it forms a small sonic boom.

The picture is a patent application in aircraft design model, which includes a rotary wing.

The aircraft has three different types of engines are ignited by different forms of hydrogen fuel, propulsion formed may reach 5500 kilometers per hour.

"Concorde 2 aircraft" capable of vertical flight in horizontal beyond the speed of sound before the flight, and then plummeted after.


A Netherlands Female Teachers Undress In The Classroom To Explain Human Anatomy

Netherlands a female biology teacher recently became popular because of new teaching methods. This name is called Debbie Jenkins Hill teacher in the class, will stand undressed her desk, wearing printed with bone or visceral pattern tights, with his own body as a model to teach the knowledge of human anatomy.

It reported that Ken Hill to see someone in the street wear such clothes, think of this teaching method. She will be printed with muscles, organs, bones pattern when the set wore tights, lectures a piece off, respectively, to explain.

Debbie Jenkins Hill standing body of knowledge taught her desk.


Bare Ass Spanking

School Girls in Uniforms Cosplay Sex Games its all the rage .Scene Porn pull lots from real life and Bad Girls Getting Spanking has been around for a long time but adult are getting into the game and its all in the details how do they say it the devil is in the details and man it sure looks real even the mean teachers open hand right on the Booty of the Misbehaving.

the Cosplay thing has been huge for me on tumblr quite the influence i love a great story and pictures like these tell a big time story its all part of the Sexuality of the scene being acted out and photographed.

Role Play and Nude Selfies

go hand to mouth i had to post this awesome pictures of teen lifting skirt to Expose Beautiful Pussy. hey i would like to take the time to thank the girls that take these naked pictures / self shots and scene porn images and post them for our enjoyment its cool of them they truly are naked and cool.

The school house sex play role playing is cool and all but what if you added in Mc Hammer cant touch this. and did some gay ass dance routine with lots of smoke machines and shit. i have not slept in two days so i feel more than fine now stop talking to me. send me selfies lift that skirt a little bit higher wait it high enough thats one sweet slice of teen heaven right there bowl of rice some soy sauce and pussy like that.

Android 6.0 Resolution - Fingerprint Scanning Identification Module Provides Native Support

The system combines a variety of consumer expectations of functions, including optional application permissions, data backup systems, and to Ext4 file system format SD card and so on.

When it comes to mobile operating system, Android is undoubtedly one of the best choices, this is the system used in many mobile devices finally began to push its latest version --6.0. The system is always a delicious dessert with its name, but this time - marshmallows (Marshmallow). Cute cotton candy will eventually appear on numerous smart phones, tablet computers, watches, television as well as cars and other kinds of products and equipment, let us take a closer view about it, take a look at Google to bring us what new, it is exciting new features now!

Google says this version will "return to nature", focus on improving the "quality" aspect. The system combines a variety of consumer expectations of functions, including optional application permissions, data backup systems, and to Ext4 file system format SD card and so on. In addition, 6.0 also USB Type-C power supply, fingerprint authentication and 4K ready, but also includes a new operating experience, for example, called "Google Now on Tap" context-based search mode.

In Android 4.4 KitKat inside, the search application to take over the entire main screen, ready to recognize voice commands. To 5.0 Lollipop inside, the search function to the provision of voice search service in the entire system level, users can trigger this feature on any screen.

This time, in the 6.0 version, the Google search has become ubiquitous, by the called "Google Now on Tap" a new feature, just press the home key, the current screen content will be transmitted to the Google search. Voice interactive interface also allows each application can use Google search service, so that third-party developers can easily integrate Google's search services with voice recognition engine.

The main screen as well as Google search

Google search application on the main screen has been redesigned, more prominent visual. Since the main application screen itself, so this change will be reflected in the previous Android system.

Applications in the organization has also been adjusted to help users locate the entry dazzling in that paragraph required, users can quickly browse through the first letter of an index, or search via the search box.

Press "application list" (app drawer) icon on the main screen you can jump directly to the search box.

Google Now on Tap

As new features in 6.0, here ready to spend more ink detail about the "Google Now on Tap". This feature is a means of Google to strengthen its existence in this open-source operating system and resorted to branding. Simply press the home key, and the current screen content associated information card will pop up. For example, if a user is viewing period by a video starring a star, then the card will display more information about this person.

Use this feature will allow Google to text and screenshots for reading information on the current screen, and the application can also use the "Now on Tap" achieve more. In the example above, one Movie website will be able to provide links to the actors from the film experience and other details of the link.

Click on the top card of the text or pictures directly triggered ordinary Google search process, click on the bottom of the associated application will result in a variety of different outcomes, depending on the contents of the current screen display, such as jump directly to the MV playback page, turn to social networking sites or pages related to someone's review site, and so forth.

As long as the contents of the current page is very specific, very targeted, for example, specific activities, schedule information or to someone or something, then the "Now on Tap" are generally able to help users find related information. This is the traditional keyword search different Google services need to speculate on the current topic. For example, if a user is viewing a particular place, then it may need is a map-related business hours, or phone number of classes. If the on-screen object is a person, you may want to learn more about this person's life, social or news accounts. Because unlike the usually precise search using the keyword as the clarity of the knowledge of the user's intent, the level of accuracy of this thanks to Google search or not the backend services.

"Now on Tap" pop-up message to the user in addition to the cards, you can also operate by voice command, that is, the user can ask questions related to the current screen contents, for example, "where far away from me?." If the user wants to find a place somewhere in particular, especially those places exist on review sites, Google searches are generally able to return accurate results of user expectations.

Considering this is a new function, in operation for some time after the accumulation, which will be able to become better.

Assist API (Application Programming Interface Auxiliary)

Google Now on Tap "is the" Assist API "can be achieved with the help of, developers can also take advantage of the programming interfaces to their applications. On openness and compatibility, the Android mobile operating system other than to be more Some are open, third-party developers are free to the numerous functions of the system by their own applications to be replaced. as this topic is too biased technical, interested readers can read the developer documentation on their own. Incidentally, Google voice search and interactive features also developed a corresponding API programming interface.

Application license

Android 6.0 provides a new permission system, users can refuse access to the system-specific part of the application. Now, the development framework 6.0 provides the functionality needed to request permission, and therefore the future without having to be installed when the application requires the user to decide everything.

Previous application permissions feature follows the Android 4.3 design ideas since, when an application is blocked for permission, the user did not know, and this may make the application of some of the features do not work, even when severe can cause the application to crash , but users do not know where exactly is the problem. The Android 6.0 permissions system allows developers and users of the applications require specific permission to be able to clearly understand the project. Therefore, the application will not be a specific permission is prohibited on the crash, and the user of a decision on their own can get more information. Thus, even in preventing one or some privileges, the whole application problems, the user clearly know the root cause of the problem.

With a new way to develop applications during the installation no longer ask permission options specific to the user, but in the next run time, when the need to use a particular function, and then ask each user. Decided in the dialog box, allowed only to make a decision, and rejected permanent need only be made in the second, effectively avoid the trouble caused due to wrong decisions. Of course, even if you change your mind, you can still adjust the permissions directly, just the process just a little trouble.

Fingerprint API (application programming interface fingerprint)

Fingerprint scan authentication function appears on several Android smartphones too, but related modules and solutions from third-party vendors, Android kernel or system level rather than direct support of the product. Google clearly see the development trend of related technologies, therefore, provides the official 6.0 API from Google's fingerprint. Incidentally, Apple provides a similar API for their TouchID fingerprint reader module.

That is to say, from 6.0, developers can integrate fingerprint sensor directly into their applications and associated user interface elements complete control. Google To ensure the consistency of user experience, but also provide the relevant icon to choose from.

In addition, the 6.0 also provides a so-called "Confirm credentials" (Confirm Credential) of the API, for lock screen reconfirmed control device to ensure that the equipment is still rests in the hands of real users.

Automatic Backup

Although Android since version 2.2 begins by providing some sort of backup service, but has not been to provide comprehensive backup program. Many developers have completed additional work, but in the eyes of users, Android backup service is nothing more than the application that will be installed in one place, when you reinstall it again in the future restored, a full backup of the user's personal data protection will not suffer.

Android 6.0 provides a so-called "automatic backup" of the new service, you can back up any data. Since the system was just released, is still unable to obtain the actual test results, but in theory, all the user data of the service will use the data directory to save to the cloud when you need to recover in the future, only the user through the login process you can use and, therefore, no need to re-view the splash screen when the application is first run, and a variety of cumbersome content settings.

Automatic backup service runs once every 24 hours, is triggered in the device plugged charging plug, idle and there is Wi-Fi connection. The data will be encrypted and stored on Google Drive service.

Act as an external memory card internal storage space

Android 6.0 provides a so-called "adoptable storage" of new features designed to provide local support for the expansion of the memory card, memory card system for such re-formatted before it was treated as an internal storage space.

Previously, Andrews will be regarded as external SD card storage space, although Froyo version, users can apply to move to SD card, but private application data must be stored in the internal memory space, only a few such applications like camera allows users to Select the data storage destination, and complicated steps.

It should be noted that, if the user decides to SD card as an internal storage space usage, the card can not be arbitrarily removed from the Android device, the system uses the Ext4 file system to format the card, rather than the traditional VFAT, and the use of 128 bit AES encryption. In addition, before the operation, Andrew system will speed SD card reader for testing, if you do not meet the requirements, will be given the appropriate reminder. There is, if for various reasons, the user has to remove the SD card, then the previously stored therein data will be permanently lost.

While Android 5.0 provides a file manager, but only as a download management purposes. In 6.0, the File Manager features to enrich a lot, enough to cover the entire storage system, users can delete, copy, or "shared" files with other applications, but the "cut" and "Rename" This type of function is not available.

Direct share

Andrews system "share" menu allows users to share among various types of data, including photos, links, and location. 6.0 provides a so-called "direct share" (Direct Share) of the new features, after the user clicks shared contact list will pop up directly to further simplify the previous steps.

Volume and notification

In Android 6.0, volume control panel has been greatly simplified, version 5.1 of the "priority notice" control is moved to the Quick Setup panel, leaving only a single volume adjustment control. Touch the small arrow will appear to the right of three specific volume control: notification, media, and alarm clock.

In 6.0 there is an acclaimed changes, that is: users can now set up notification forms separately and priority level for each application. Previously, developers can decide important level notice that there will always be some nasty news suddenly appears at the top of the screen. In 6.0, users have the right to decide whether to display the content.

Prior to version 6.0 not only control layout has been adjusted, but also about the notification, voice and DND introduced a number of rules, and interested readers can self-refer to the relevant article, limited space, not repeat them here.

Doze mode

When in idle state, the power consumption is much larger than iOS device Android device, Google hopes to "Doze" (sleepy) mode to alleviate this situation, it makes almost no connection device enters a low-power mode.

Andrews systems not only through the screen status to determine whether the device is in use, but also by an accelerometer to determine whether the device is in motion, in order to decide whether to enter the "sleepy" modes. This means that this mode only when the device is placed on the desktop will still enter, but when it is not in the pocket.

Once in the "sleepy" mode, network access will be disabled, the system will no longer accept any background processing requests, alerts, and scheduled tasks of various system will also be closed, substantially all of the background tasks will be stopped, very similar to the common Flight mode.

Applications standby

Unscrupulous operators and mobile phone manufacturers is the source of all kinds of junk software, which takes up the phone useless software in addition to processing resources, electricity consumption, there may have a variety of data traffic. "Apply Standby" (App Standby) feature is designed for the software and set up, if the application within a certain period of time has not been used, it would be converted into a standby mode, you can not access the network, but also unable to perform synchronization tasks, basically it is quite in the prohibited state.

As for what is "is not used within a certain period of time", "Apply standby" feature is turned on by the user application, whether as a front desk run or invoked by other applications as well as to determine whether to generate a notification. If the application does not generate the above acts, it is likely to be identified as requiring standby mode.

There is a so-called "battery optimized" place in the battery settings screen, where the user can exclude specific application potential standby application list, but just tap the application name and then select "Do not optimize" button.

This feature is useful for those who refuse the software can not be deleted. Now, even if the user is not familiar with the system works the way technology house, Andrews will automatically switch off these things surreptitiously run in the background by the above logic, to prevent additional power consumption.

Text selection

Highlight the text effect in the Android 6.0 has been improved the standard "Cut", "Copy" and "Paste" Control is now organized in a floating toolbar appears in the top of the selected text. And by "sharing" operation, the user can export the selected text to another application.

Text selected action has also been improved to some extent. Now, moving forward the teardrop-shaped control will select the entire text fragments, and backward dragging revocation letters will be individually selected.

Chrome custom tab

In daily operations, they usually need to turn the page, and by Android Chrome comes to complete is undoubtedly the best choice. And if it is through the application of open, since Chrome will render pages as a standalone application, then the transaction complicated today, users can easily forget to return to the original application, the application will easily lose user stickiness.

Previously, developers through the use of a so-called "WebView" control to solve such problems. WebView is based on the Chromium developed Web rendering engine that can be embedded into the application use, and the drawbacks of using this program is unable to take advantage of Chrome's various convenience and synchronization capability. Android developers in order to dispel the concerns, launched a Chrome custom tabs to replace the widely used before WebView.

Chrome custom tab does not address bar, press Back to return the application screen, which is capable of seamless cooperation with a variety of applications, and more WebView or Chrome to open the page much faster speed. Because of this program completely based on Chrome, such as auto-complete, cookie, cache and permissions Chrome have been intact. Users do not need to repeat the same login once logged sites, various text boxes and form fields will be automatically populated.

Android for Work

Android for Work is a series of policies in office occasions Android devices developed so that business users can be properly controlled. In a similar office equipment such occasion comes at Android for Work with the help of the device can distinguish between work or personal use on the privileges and storage space. Users will still face a single main screen interface, but the presence of two copies of a single application would, strictly separated from each other. Corporate IT departments can remotely erase data office use, but the relevant data personal side intact. For more information on this aspect, the reader may consult the relevant documentation to be understood that the limited space, no longer expand.


In addition to the fingerprint reader module on the new Nexus, Android 6.0 also provides support for a variety of hardware, such as connectors without the need to distinguish between positive and negative direction of the USB Type-C as well as a new USB-powered Android M specification.

Life, the Android 6.0 and Android 5.1.1 performance is almost the same. Of course, this is a result of constant light on the screen and stop loading the page until the battery runs out tests to get. Once enabled, "sleepy" modes, Android 6.0 will no doubt significantly extend battery life.

Android 6.0 even offers support for MIDI devices, which makes a device equipped with the system in some of the user's hand flew to morph into a music creation tool, simply connect the keyboard to start the creative process.

The system also supports Bluetooth active stylus, compatible hardware products in the pairing can send pressure and key state data, and then combined with touch screen input. As a result, other manufacturers seem to have found an opportunity with the Samsung Galaxy Note under a high.

Android 6.0 also provides a new flashlight development interface, developers do not need to route through the camera API to activate the flash. In previous versions of the Android system, flashlight and camera can not be used simultaneously, and now, with the help of the system, the seamless transition between the two can be.

The system uses Google's own BoringSSL replaced the previous OpenSSL, which is subject to Heartbleed vulnerability widespread. Although Google launched a number of patches for OpenSSL, but due to the backward compatibility issues, can not be widely adopted by the industry, which Google turned to their BoringSSL to never troubles.


In the latest Android system, Google will more discretion hands of the user, so that the latter decide what applications can do and can not do, but also allow the user to see the release of a particular permission is prohibited and accompanying consequences. In addition, let the user decide what and when to turn off the notification should be closed is not a small step forward.

The introduction of "sleepy" modes will greatly improve the life time Android devices, and "application standby" function is one solution to the various types of junk filled Android devices ills.

The system scans the fingerprint identification module to provide native support API level, I believe that such capabilities will soon become standard Android device.

Currently, the biggest ills lies in updating Android. Even Nexus users receive updates unusually slow speed, but better than nothing, the other device you want to update to the latest Android 6.0 marshmallow is nowhere in sight. Perhaps a similar Windows Update as centralized updating system to solve such problems.