Saudi Arabia Mecca Pilgrims Stampede, Has Caused At Least 717 People Dead 863 Injured

September 24, Saudi Arabia Civil Defence official "Twitter" message said the Hajj stampede death toll has risen to 717 people, in addition to 863 injured.

According to Agence France-Presse reported, local time, on the 24th, at a distance of five kilometers Mina area east of Mecca at the pilgrims stampede occurred. According to Saudi authorities to reports, the stampede occurred in the "stoning the devil" ritual. It is reported that this ritual is the pilgrims stone against stone wall on one side Bash to show dispel demons. But then the ritual chaos, causing the stampede.

Saudi Interior Ministry spokesman said, has been on the scene to rescue the injured and treatment.

Reported that Hajj usually lasts five days, day of the incident was the first three days of pilgrimage. Previously, Saudi Arabia in order to prevent unexpected, about 100,000 security forces, more than 3,000 firefighters and nearly 500 fire engines were deployed in pilgrimage places.

First Ever Shunga Exhibition Opens In Tokyo

The first major exhibition in Tokyo or Japan of shunga has finally opened.

Shunga Exhibition has started at the Eisei Bunko Museum in Bunkyo-ku.

Celebrating the prints that were essentially Japan’s first erotic art and pornography, as we reported earlier in the year this is a first for Japan because of the traditional interpretation of obscenity laws that prevent the public display of genitalia — of which there is PLENTY of in shunga.

So the exhibition first very successfully showed in London at the British Museum, before the organizers (including former prime minister Morihiro Hosokawa) were able to get a Tokyo venue to agree to host the event. Several museums said no, though Eisei Bunko’s management must be happy with all the media fanfare the opening has generated.

The Tokyo show is open only to those aged 18 and over. It runs until December 23rd and costs ¥1,500.

There are around 133 exhibits on scrolls and folding screens, with some being changed for the second half of the exhibition period.

Shunga also includes the first known depiction in Japan of nanshoku (male homosexuality), as well as so-called “tentacle rape”, a common trope in what is often called in the west “hentai anime”.

Orient Industry Recruiting Models For Sex Doll Body Parts

How would you like to be the inspiration for a sex doll?

Japan’s premier maker of sex dolls, Orient Industry, is currently recruiting models to be the face of the next love doll.

Your face and other body parts could well serve as the original for the next beautiful luxury companion by Orient Industry.

You need to be at least a E-cup or over (already puts you in a minority in Japan).

The modeling sessions will take place at the maker’s east Tokyo factory.


Create A New Record - Lewandowski Scores 5 Goals In 9 Minutes For Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich player comes off bench, immediately scores 5 goals in 9 minutes

Bundesliga this season, Banba Bayern Munich Muller array of four games before the field goal, the Polish striker Lewandowski was injured in the Champions League, we are not satisfied with the number of scoring. Poles did not expect a sudden outbreak of this morning, Bayern Munich VS Wolfsburg key battle, Lewandowski off the bench, continuous injection five goals within nine minutes, not only to help the team 5-1 reversal opponents, but also greatly refreshed series Bundesliga record. 9 minutes 5 goals - do not ask, this is a super century the microscopic world record.

With mighty Bayern Munich trailing 1-0 to Wolfsburg in a Tuesday night Bundesliga match, manager Pep Guardiola decided to sub in Robert Lewandowski at halftime. It was a good idea. A very, very good idea.

Bayern Munich forward Robert Lewandowski had one of the more incredible hot streaks ever seen in soccer in a Bundesliga match against Wolfsburg.

In the second half, Lewandowski checked in at the 46th minute and, in the 51st minute, scored a goal.

Sixty-three seconds later, he scored another. About 2 1/2 minutes later, he had a hat trick. A little over two minutes later, he had a fourth goal. A little over three minutes later, he had a fifth goal.

In the span of nine minutes, Lewandowski scored five goals!

Bundesliga record level was broken

1, the fastest hat-trick record: dusty 24-year Bundesliga record to be refreshed. 1991 Duisburg 6-2 Karlsruhe battle, Nice within 5 minutes wearing a hat, this time Lewandowski one minute faster than his.

2, the fastest record Luckiest Man: Bulgarian striker Martin Petrov was the fastest to complete the Luckiest Man Bundesliga players: 17 minutes 4 goals, Levante took only six minutes, less than the previous record holder, a fraction of the length of time available. Lewandowski fired five goals in nine minutes into the Bundesliga with the fastest time to complete the five brightest and best player, the previous record held by former Bayern Supervisory Board Chairman Xi Wuli - brother Dieter Hoeness - Hoeness, 31 years ago in a small Hernes He scored five goals within 21 minutes.

3, the first off the bench scored three goals or more players: Lewandowski scored five goals just nine touches, he became the Bundesliga history 5 14 single-game shooter, but also the league single-game five goals two foreign aid. There are a lot of incredible things, before Lewandowski, the Bundesliga history has no bench players scored three goals or more, even off the bench, let alone H-5 ball. However, Bayern 5-1 lead after slowing down the rhythm, Lewandowski did not scored a single field first six goals from Dieter - Muller 7-2 in the 1977-78 season, Bremen Cologne battle, creating single-game record of 6 goals only one step away.

4, refresh the individual scoring record: This is the first career Lewandowski scored five goals, after he worked with Real Madrid in the Champions League on behalf of Dortmund scored 4 goals.

Today, six Lewandowski gains after the 8-ball to sit tight Bundesliga top scorer, he became the first four Bundesliga start six scored 8 goals and 8 goals or more players scoring record Bundesliga start six belong to the legendary striker Borussia, Bayern Meritorious coach Heynckes, 1973-74 season start before six he scored nine goals.

Five major league level is record-breaking

1, the fastest five major league single-game five goals: Messi and C Ronaldo has had single-game scoring 5 goals miracles, but no one so rapidly as Lewandowski; Pele, Maradona, Gade - Muller, Ronaldo? Lewandowski not brave, no one can break 9 minutes 5 goals in five league world record this fear within a century.

2, the first bench players scored five goals: in the top five in the league level, Lewandowski is the first off the bench to put even into the 5 ball player.


Qingdao Fishermen Caught Weighed 690 Pounds "Swordfish King"

September 22, 2015 morning, a 3.8 m long and weighs 690 pounds super "swordfish king" by the Qingdao Yellow Sea fishermen catch. Mr. Shi said sales of wild fish, this fish may be female, waist much larger than the earlier capture of crude swordfish, serving over 10 days before the capture of 619 pounds big swordfish record. Since the weight is too large, when fishermen pulled off the tail lift. At the same day, a body of water hit the net there is a large swordfish, weighs 300 kilos.

It is understood that this sea "Big Mac" is the 21st Qingdao fisherman trapped in the Yellow Sea. According capture "Swordfish King" fishermen said that this year the number of fish in the Yellow Sea ones, big swordfish south to north these waters chasing fish into the Yellow Sea prey network, and the large number of swordfish and weight than in previous years. Currently this big swordfish have been Qingdao, a supermarket run wild seafood Dandong Lei back to the city of Qingdao.

Sales wild fish owner is the first time to see such a big very big fish, the weight of surprised.


Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program To Enhance Profit Margins, Forcing Operators To Surrender Part Of The Profits

Users will get unlocked iPhone, which means that they can always change carriers.

US investment bank RBC Capital Markets believe that Apple's latest iPhone installment plan official Apple and Apple users are beneficial, but more unfavorable for wireless carriers.

RBC Capital Markets analyst Amit Daryanani of that, iPhone upgrade program will promote customer loyalty transferred from operator to Apple, and will force operators to further profit sharing, to adopt a more aggressive pricing strategy.

Users of Apple's iPhone upgrade program to buy a new mobile phone will be unlocked to get iPhone, which means that they can always change carriers.

IPhone upgrade program in accordance with the provisions, the user can pay the 12 funds to redeem the latest version of the iPhone by way of trade after. Upgrade Plan is a period of 24 months of interest-free loan program to purchase products, including an iPhone and AppleCare + extended warranty service.

Daryanani elaborated these ideas in his Wednesday released a report to investors.

Apple has not disclosed how it intends to deal with the old phone in return, but it might resold after they refurbished and then make a fortune.

Therefore Daryanani believe Apple's net profit margin because the new iPhone upgrade program and upgrade. Taking into account the influence of various factors, Daryanani Apple's gross margin is expected to rise from 50% to 55%.

Daryanani estimated average mobile phone user to upgrade the current period of 26 months. This is compared with 2013 when 22-month upgrade cycle has slowed, because operators abandoned the original subsidy pricing policies into a service contract for the biennium.

He believed, purchased a service contract for the biennium and contract will expire in 2015, many users will choose to terminate the contract, and then select Apple's upgrade program, so that they can redeem each year once the newest iPhone.

Daryanani said: "We think this will help boost Apple's stock price, increase user loyalty Apple for iPhone to create a more competitive pricing environment in the short term."

Tech analyst at UBS and Merrill Lynch's Steven Milunovich earlier this week also expressed similar views, they think the iPhone upgrade program could be an important transaction. Milunovich believe that this program will enable some users to upgrade phones more frequently, to improve Apple's revenue, and make iPhone business becomes a period of one year of service.

AppleInsider last week analyzed the iPhone upgrade program, and found that for the plan to buy AppleCare + service and are willing to upgrade once a year for consumers iPhone is indeed a good deal. Of particular interest is that the iPhone upgrade plans to sell the iPhone is unlocked version of the phone, which means users can always change carriers or used in other countries.

RBC maintain Apple stock "outperform" rating, and give the stock a target price of $ 150.

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Qualcomm Introduces Next-Generation Fast Charging Technology with Quick Charge 3.0

September 16, 2015, released the next generation of fast charging technology Qualcomm, QuickCharge 3.0 for the first time using intelligent voltage collaborative algorithms in testing an ordinary smart phone battery charging from zero to 80 percent took only 35 minutes, the charging speed promoted twice, QuickCharge 3.0 will integrate in part Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, including the latest Snapdragon 820/620/618/617/430, covering high-end smart phones.

In the core module performance smartphone processor, screen and other rapid era, mobile phone battery technology is not too greatly enhanced battery capacity and life has become a smart phone, a major performance bottleneck in battery technology can not in a short time upgrade within the next situation, many mobile phone manufacturers to quickly charge the breakthrough to improve the charging efficiency of the battery capacity is insufficient to alleviate the problem.

The technology was developed by Qualcomm research and development, according to the properties of different mobile devices to select the best power supply voltage from 5V to 20V between 200mV increments maximized to achieve the power transmission efficiency. Compared to the Quick Charge 2.0 technology, the third generation of fast charging technology at the same time enhance the charging platform, more than twice the power loss reduction of 45%, an ordinary smart phone battery charging from zero to 80 percent, the second-generation technology needs 90 minutes, third-generation technology requires only 35 minutes, the charging efficiency gains, but also can extend the battery life. Quick Charge 3.0 is backward-compatible interface and adapter for charging, all applied to Quick Charge technology interface and adapters can be used with Quick Charge 3.0 products to use, easy mobile phone manufacturers to develop new products. Quick Charge 3.0 will serve as a high-end processor Qualcomm introduced optional function, Snapdragon 820/620/617/618/430 can be configured with Quick Charge 3.0, which is also a high pass in the coming year the main push of several processors.

Qualcomm said, as long as manufacturers use the company's "advanced parallel charging configuration", then this new charging standard compared with "Quick Charge 2.0", would "enhance the fastest charging up to 27%, while reducing up to 45% of power loss. "

The new standard uses the call "optimal voltage intelligent negotiation" (INOV) algorithm, so that the device can continue to request charger voltage level, range from 3.6V to 20V, the interval of each file is 200mV. In contrast, Quick Charge 2.0 provides only 4-speed charging voltage, while 3.0 offers 82 kinds of different voltage levels. Qualcomm said it would "minimize loss, increase efficiency, while improving thermal performance."

Quick Charge 3.0 provides after 1.0 and 2.0 for backward compatibility, but is independent of the connector type. Of course, we need a new phone and charger in order to enjoy the convenience brought by this standard. Qualcomm expects the technology will start from next year increasing popularity.

Battery charging and discharging process will produce oxygen in a sealed storage battery, the oxygen produced by these positive and negative can be absorbed through the membrane and the gas chamber, the entire chemical reaction to form a reaction in the form of a loop. Fast charging, also known as emergency charging, is larger current in a short time, to provide short-term charging service, generally charging current is 150 ~ 400A. OPPO VOOC fast charge technology, including technology, MediaTek Pump Express technology, Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 and so on. Fast charging can be compatible with 5V, 9V, 12V three voltage specification quick charger, such as: Motorola Turbo ChargerPower up fast, HTC Rapid Charger 2.0, Samsung EP-TA20CBC, Ktec Kantons VP001, millet MDY-03-EB etc.

NASA Mars Base Design Contest Of Creative Works

The future of humanity on Mars settlements artistic renderings

NASA plans to achieve a manned landing on Mars in the 2030s, the seminar will be held in October this year, landing sites on Mars for confirmation. On the other hand, the relevant technology is manned Mars landing tests are being prepared, including the ongoing development of SLS space launch rockets and Orion spacecraft. In September, NASA held an advantage of 3D printing technology to build the Mars base game ongoing, has entered the stage of a check, a total of 30 copies of the works nominated. Design requirements the robot can use 3D printing technology, use of local materials as building materials to build homes on Mars, the following eight programs might have a chance to win in the final selection stage, it is more like what options?

The Martian Vault - Designer: Tomasz Dzieduszynski

On Earth, similar to the Italian "Pantheon" This building has a dome can stand a thousand years, stand the test of time. Designers Dzieduszynski hope it's "Mars Dome (The Martian Vault)" program can be similarly durable under harsh Martian environment. Scheme, "Mars dome" You can use an inflatable scaffolding to guide the work of 3D printing robot, the robot will use the Martian sand deposited as cement to build homes. Insulation honeycomb-shaped barrier to shield radiation and small meteorites.

Staye A While - Designer: Team Staye

The spiral construction of underground structures envisaged in the ground near the equator of Mars, the surface of Mars near the equator of the following has a lot of water frozen. Excavated during the construction of ice for drinking, the residence was built in the ground can shield cosmic rays, also can be a good insulation.

LavaHive - Designer: Team LavaHive

The team hopes to use inflatable module built residential homes on Mars, so Mars before arrival, they can be deflated to save up to save space spacecraft, Mars arrive until after the inflatable, but they also need to take advantage of the subsequent construction of connecting these Martian sand inflatable module channel.

Marsapia - Designer: Mars Terrain Intelligence Collaborative

Mars, the sand has two valuable resources: iron and silicon, the design team hopes separated from Martian soil in the two elements to build a residence spherical structure. This is the residence of a lattice structure made of iron as hard as granite, glass composition, it can protect the inhabitants of Mars dust storms radiation barrier, a small meteorite and the surface of Mars.

Labyrinth - designers: Rustem Baishev

This is for the future of Mars as many popular travel destination for visitors designed to expand its labyrinthine shape can be unlimited.

Labyrinth construction program to expand the scale of unlimited, it will use nuclear work, the Mars sand mixed with a binder, the machine while moving forward, while the synthetic building materials to toothpaste extrusion.

Mollusca L5 - Designer: LeeLabs

The program may seem unpleasant, but it is a very cool design. It inflatable living module wrapped in a glass dome, a glass structure utilizing local material 3D printing from Mars, which is equivalent to astronauts on Mars may have a yard.

Donut House Mk I - Designer: A.R.C.H.

The house was built like a donut made of basalt fiber by the addition of clay. The design allows the ring to split into separate cabin accommodations, some of which were smashed if meteorites, other parts can still provide shelter for astronauts.

Ice House - Designer: SEArch / Clouds Architecture Office

Unlike other teams using soil as a building material, the team used the ice. Arctic ice cap at the Martian permafrost and there is a lot of water ice, they proposed the use of a special 3D printing process, the use of ice in the Martian arctic astronauts to build homes, water ice can be well absorbed radiation protection astronauts. 2008 Phoenix Mars landing on Mars coincided with the northern summer in the Arctic, during the Phoenix mission to Mars Arctic measured a maximum temperature of -19.6 ° C, while the lowest was -97.7 ° C.

Logitech Introduced The First iPad Pro External Keyboard, Supports Intelligent Connection

The Create Keyboard Case will be listed simultaneously in the United States, Europe and Asian markets in November, has not yet announced specific prices.

12.9 inches for the new Apple iPad Pro prepared a Smart Keyboard official external keyboard protective cover, but for the user, if there are third-party accessories can be selected, might be able to experience more features, or cheaper prices. And now, professional accessories manufacturers from Switzerland, Logitech announced the iPad Pro has created a dedicated external keyboard protective cover Create Keyboard Case.

It is reported that this Create Keyboard Case iPad Pro is the market's first third-party keyboard and support iPad Pro comes with Smart Connector function, so that means Create Keyboard Case itself without power supply, so it has become with the other Logitech similar products biggest difference. The Create Keyboard Case with Smart Keyboard official as to provide users with a physical keyboard input experience, but also can provide input angle in the most appropriate position, rather than like Bluetooth external keyboard as always to adjust the position.

In addition, Create Keyboard Case is also designed for iOS 9 system optimization, without the use of protective cover can play a role, and very light weight does not affect portability. Create Keyboard Case itself uses a special material, resistant to external accidental collision, scratches and shocks.

Logitech said that this Create Keyboard Case will be listed simultaneously in November in the US, Europe and Asia, Logitech currently not disclosed the specific price of this iPad Pro external keyboard protective sleeve.

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Japanese Fishermen Caught A Giant Wolf Fish Near Fukushima Nuclear Power Station

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on September 16, a few days ago, Japanese fishermen caught a huge Hirasaka Hiroshi Hokkaido wolf fish the waters near the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Fish body nearly two meters long, mouth enough to swallow a child, like science fiction movie monster.

Hirasaka Hiroshi said: "In the three months I have twice flew to Hokkaido, but well worth, and the fish very cool."

Wolf fish usually live in the Pacific and Atlantic. As a deep-sea creatures, they are usually smaller undersea creatures for food. The creature with fearsome appearance and huge size is known, even has appeared in the "river monster", "Animal Planet" channel of the series.

Under normal circumstances, the wolf fish can grow up to 1.2 meters, but Hiroshi Sakamoto white wolf fish captured nearly two meters long. This wolf fish exacerbated concerns about Japanese fishermen, who fear the Fukushima nuclear accident have adverse effects on local fish.

2011 suffered a 8.9 earthquake struck Japan, Fukushima nuclear power plant cooling system damage, resulting in 3 reactor core melting, radiation contamination into the sea. The quake triggered since the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986, the largest nuclear disaster. Over the years, radiation levels in fish in the waters near the Fukushima nuclear power plant to capture up to 2500 times more than the safety limit.

NBA Top Ten Commercial Genius

Many retired NBA players went bankrupt, there are a lot of retired businessmen do, very successful. The following is a successful transition to businessman NBA retired players:

01 - Michael Jordan

Jordan conquered the basketball, also a very successful businessman. He is now as much as $ 1 billion in assets, is the first NBA player to complete this achievement.

02 - LeBron James

James is the goal is to build a business empire, he is successful, the current through salaries, investments and endorsements, earning $ 325 million in net assets.

03 - Dave Bin

Bin fifty greatest players in NBA, the Hall of Fame in 1990, his group is now one of Bin Michigan's largest steel products company.

04 - Pooh Johnson

Johnson was the sixth man of the piston, to play the role of the unsung heroes of the team. He retired after the establishment of piston automobile companies, for the benefit of the people.

05 - Chris Webber

Webb earned 176 million player payroll period, retired investment in many fields, such as real estate, brokerage firms, restaurants and so on.

06 - Magic Johnson

Magic in the NBA for 13 years the ball, create Magic Johnson retired after the company each year for more than 3,200 customer service, amazing gold absorption capacity.

07 - Shaquille O'Neal

O'Neal is a basketball genius, but also a business genius. O'Neill shares of the company now include Google, muscle milk, etc., he has his own gym, restaurant.

08 - Quentin Richardson

Richardson players during the famous shooter, an entrepreneur determined to do after retirement, he now bought a casual fast-food chain, ready to flex its muscles in the future.

09 - Chauncey Billups

Billups key players during the famous Mr. superior wisdom, to take care of after retirement from the business is also very atmospheric, breath bought 30 Wendy restaurants.

10 - George Tinsley

NBA players favorite investment restaurants, Tinsley liked it, he invested restaurants including KFC and other well-known brands.


SpaceX Founder Expressed Support For NASA's Mars Program

As shown, this is the future, "Orion" spacecraft landing image Mars, NASA plans to launch in 2020 SpaceX spacecraft on the Martian surface samples were collected and returned to Earth. Meanwhile, SpaceX founder Andy Herron · Musk expressed support for NASA's Mars Reconnaissance plan.

SpaceX spacecraft landed the Earth's surface is, the spacecraft is about to extend the landing of four brackets for easy landing.

The space mission to Mars samples to be collected in 2020, and returned to the ground.

Modified Mars Orion spacecraft will include a mechanical arm, external fuel tanks, as well as to accommodate rising rocket-powered Mars probe (MAV) and return to Earth vehicle (ERV) of the central tube.

Musk believes that nuclear weapons will cast Mars Mars Polar rapid heating, and that the future one day he is likely to arrive on Mars surface.

Musk believes that the current situation is a desolate Mars, the planet should survive.

But in the future, humans can send astronauts to Mars, build colonial base.

First "Mars One" task will be executed in 2026, four astronauts will land on Mars, after the additional four astronauts reach Mars surface at intervals of two years. The picture is a Mars scientist portrayed colonial base.