A Microsoft Vulnerability Caused White House's Computer Being Invaded

Recently, some computer hacker successfully entered the White House, and get some of the sensitive information.

Last week, a number of recent media reports of Russian hackers against the American government and the White House launched an attack on computer systems in an attempt to steal confidential data. April 18, a security company involved in the investigation of assault cases, the disclosure of Russian hackers used in the attack software vulnerabilities, Microsoft's Windows operating system and Adobe's Flash software, "Unfortunately the list."

According to Reuters reports, the US security company famous "pink eye" (FireEye) made this disclosure. The company said that Russian hackers used a loophole Flash software to view relevant content. Another flaw is the hacker very familiar Microsoft operating system.

According to reports, a recent US State Department and the White House suffered hacker attacks, is believed to have a relationship and a Russian hacker organization. Which part of the computer hacker successfully entered the White House, get some sensitive information (non-important secrets), such as US President Barack Obama's visit and so on.

Eyes of fire investigation company is currently involved in the current round of Russian hackers. But the company has not yet confirmed that the attacker against the US State Department and the White House from the same organization.

The company said last Tuesday, Adobe has been exploited by hackers for Flash software vulnerabilities, emergency released a security patch, so the user the latest version of Flash software after installing the patch has been no need to worry.

According to reports, Microsoft's Windows operating system vulnerabilities being exploited, the lower the degree of risk, mainly involving ordinary users to use the system with elevated privileges.

A Microsoft spokesman said the attack against the exposed vulnerabilities, Microsoft team is developing security patches.

Last October, the company has revealed that the eyes of fire, a Russian hacker organization called "APT28" The (born in 2007), once the US military computers, the Department of Defense contractor, NATO-related offices, the Georgian government departments, as well as Some countries and Russia's stakeholders, as the network targets.

Also, in addition, a security firm Trend Micro, has also been disclosed hacking program called "PawnStorm" and targets including the US State Department, the Russian official, a NATO member, part of the Eastern European countries and so on. Because "PawnStorm" the attackers and APT28 organizations use the same attack tools, for the same goal, so some security industry insiders believe that the two organizations is actually the same group of people to attack.

On Thursday, Trend Micro said, "PawnStorm" The attacker has recently increased the frequency of attacks, the latest target of attack, including US President Barack Obama had an interview with the network blog author.

Trend Micro also revealed that the hacker group may be from a leading US newspaper, ran the military stole a news reporter's mouth network account password information.

It is reported that, although the use of software vulnerabilities APT28 are new vulnerabilities are not patched before, but industry insiders believe that this highly skilled hackers.

It is worth mentioning that, next week in San Francisco, Calif., Will be held in the United States each year the largest security industry conference "RSA Conference", so recently, various security company released a report and broke the news also increased significantly.

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