Beautiful Body Art - Part XI - A Nude Back Bridge

Back Bridge most suitable for the removal of body fat, keep the body slim. Initially do will be very hard, but Shaoshao suffering equal incentive, as long arch Cambridge posture, fat can not be attached to your body. Cambridge arch head posture also remove fatigue, make clear the air is crisp, the removal of anxiety, treat insomnia, treatment of cold symptoms.

1, first supine on the floor, relax, after respiratory tune along, hands at your sides, palms down.
2, knees buckling of the body, hands anti-Alice went around behind him placed under the shoulders, hands, feet slowly lifted to maintain the natural breathing.
3, the suction side, hands and feet slowly lifted one side, narrow the gap between the hands and feet, stand on tiptoe, inhale, slowly restored to its original position, exhale.

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