Gold Edition Apple Watch Difficult To Return - Have To Weigh And Check With Microscope

Apple employees will inspect Gold Edition Apple Watch appearance, on top of it to ensure that no scratches or breakage.

Apple earlier this month started offering its first Smart Watch Apple Watch, in addition to the regular version, the company also released an ambitious high price of 18K gold version. Had not done a smart watch manufacturers similar things, apparently Apple wants people to this product is considered as a luxury accessories, not just a digital device. In order to get a refund after Apple recently announced the Gold Edition Apple Watch's return policy, users who want to return to wait for Apple's strict inspection equipment.

According to 9to5mac reports, although Gold Edition Apple Watch The same applies to the Apple 14-day return policy, but with ordinary intelligence watch is different, it will return after a very careful examination.

Users can return merchandise purchased Gold Edition Apple Watch stores, Apple stores are not supported by other return.

First, Apple employees will inspect Gold Edition Apple Watch appearance, to ensure that no scratches or damage on top of it, while determining whether to run correctly.

After Apple Genius Bar staff will include the use of special tools, including a microscope and precious metals weighing instrument to ensure the same amount of gold equipment.

After testing the Genius Bar staff, but also through the Apple store manager agreed to this, the whole return process is completed.

How? Is not the whole return process sounds complicated? But in fact, do not worry, first you have to spend more than 10 thousand US dollars to buy a Gold Edition Apple Watch, in order to have the opportunity to "enjoy" the whole process.

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