Cliff Diving

Cliff diving is no limit on the height, usually there together hobby or club to jump off a cliff. Cliff diving is very dangerous, because the jump from the cliff, the water for your body great impact. Some people of the accident, there may be cardiac rupture or broken ribs and the like.

Therefore, we must pay attention to cliff diving into the water feet first. Because the height of cliff diving determines the size of the friction generated by the body into the water with the water, the higher the altitude, the greater the power of the human being, if you head first into the water, and so was head against the wall, a thin skull does not necessarily bear of the, and 10-meter platform diving height, head first into the water, the equivalent of using a mobile phone to knock his head, did not cause illness, cliff into the water, the equivalent of the head with a hammer to knock at any time there may concussion, even life-threatening.

Half Of Iron On Earth From The Ancient Microbial Metabolites

Currently, the new study shows that half of the Earth is 2.5 billion years ago and iron resources ancient microbial metabolic product. Organism was obtained by metabolism of iron instead of oxygen the body needs energy.

According to foreign media reports, the iron is essential to the modern human life as a resource, automobile and nails are made of iron manufacture. Scientists latest study shows that half of the Earth's iron resources and 2.5 billion years ago, a close microbial metabolism. The latest study, published in a recent issue of "US National Academy of Sciences" on.

This discovery will search space exploration and mining of life is important, a professor of Earth Science, University of Wisconsin Clark Johnson and China, Nanjing University of Western Australia postdoctoral researcher Li Wai Keung banded iron structure was analyzed banded iron is an iron-rich rocks, all over the world deposits.

Ancient banded iron deposits situated 150 meters underground, to be surveying mining. Scientists believe that banded iron is hot after the release of the ocean hydrothermal vents are rich in mineral water ferrous material deposited on the seabed formed. Currently, Johnson and Li Wai Keung find not the case, half of the banded iron is ancient microbial metabolic product shelf life.

Banded iron banded structure represents a different type of seasonal changes, Johnson found that the presence of long-term fluctuations in its composition, not decades or centuries produced short-term fluctuations. They used the world's fastest laser equipment for iron and neodymium isotopes were measured accurately.

By releasing the laser in less than millionth of a second of time, it is possible without heating the sample evaporation portion of the sample. Johnson said: "It's like ice cream scoop with melted before quickly dig one unheated ice cream, using conventional laser device for heating can not get this result."

Wai Keung said: "Before the detection banded iron sources focused mainly on iron isotopes, we believe iron isotopes revealed the true origin of the strip may be able to add neodymium iron change, so that we can be measured independently from the mainland shallow banded iron field number. Such an environment with signs of life isotopes. "

Microbial metabolism of iron, it sounds very very puzzling, but 2.5 billion years ago the Earth's environment and now there is a big difference in the oxygen content of the atmosphere is very low, so that the organism through the metabolism of iron instead of oxygen, to get the body energy demand. Biologists said the process is in the bottom of the evolutionary tree of life on Earth, but until now we have very little evidence found in the rock.

Johnson noted that the study has far-reaching significance for some areas, if you are a geological exploration at home, you want to know the exact location of minerals that this study will be to your benefit. In addition, it helps to analysis the evolutionary history of the Earth, as well as search for life in space, identifying some of the mysterious life of unknown structure.

The Photographers Recorded The Whole Process Of Water Delivery Of A Woman

Photographer Kathy Rosario recorded her friends at home the whole process of water delivery. Kathy said: "There is nothing better than watching a woman give birth amazing especially when it is carried out in their own homes, which will be more comfortable feeling especially this is a pure happiness." The picture shows the mother's womb severe contraction , about to enter the water delivery.

Kathy said: "The mother is the most wonderful man in the world to see these photos, the human body is so unbelievable!." Pictured menacing contraction of the uterus, she even need to eat popsicles, the entire process is completed almost all of her own.

Mom finally gave birth to her baby.

Baby's first breath, first cry, her mother took her to the world.

After giving birth to two boys, the mother finally gave birth to a daughter.

Mom's face a smile, she finally had a little girl.

Moms are superheroes.

Breastfeeding is the best thing that mothers can give their children, it is the liquid gold.

This Breed Of Chicken Has The Strangest Mutation You'll Ever See

Chickens are awesome. They are delicious, generally not harmful, and did I mention delicious? But they're not all just the white and brown chickens you see on many American farms. As it turns out, chickens come in all shapes and sizes. One strange breed even has a weird (and pretty gross) mutation.

The Dong Tao chicken, native to Vietnam, is a breed that has incredibly beefy legs. Some people may be repulsed by them, but they are highly revered in Vietnam, as it's one of the rarest chicken breeds in the world.

The Dong Tao can have legs as thick as human wrists.

To fully mature, these strange little guys need about a year.

Dong Tao chickens lay eggs less frequently than more common breeds, but because of their rarity, breeders of these chickens end up making a ton of money.

The Dong Tao's huge legs make laying eggs extremely difficult, which could explain why the lack of frequency.

Their meat is considered to be more delicious than that of a regular chicken, which would explain the expensive price tag that goes along with it.

I don't care how much tastier they are than a regular chicken, because I will not be spending a dime on those insane chicken gams.

Learn How To Make Fire With Chocolate And A Soda Can In Just A Few Easy Steps

Have you ever been camping...and somehow, everyone forgot to bring a lighter? Literally Every. Single. Person. There isn't one measly match in sight. And unfortunately, everyone dropped out of the scouts before they could learn how to make fire. Thankfully, you have quite the trick up your sleeve and are there to save the day.

You grab a soda, chug it like a champ, open one of those chocolate bars you were saving for s'mores, and...

Here! Fire.


SpaceX - CRS-7 Launch Explosion: SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Explodes After Launch in Florida

American Falcon 9 rocket after launch explosion, recovery have failed twice this year

US Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) 28th launch a Falcon 9 rocket International Space Station cargo resupply missions, rocket 2 and a half minutes after the sudden disintegration of the explosion, carrying about 1,800 kilograms of cargo supply was destroyed. This is the eight-month space station resupply 3rd failed. Rockets recovered landing tests also failed to carry out the original plan.

US Eastern Time at 10:21 on the 28th, the freight task execution "Dragon spacecraft" from recyclable rocket Falcon 9 (Falcon9) equipped, launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida Air Force Base. The video shows the rocket flew exception occurred about 149 seconds after the explosion suddenly disintegrated in the air, debris falling into the Atlantic Ocean. "Seems to be the problem of liquid oxygen tank rocket stage took place." SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said.

This time the spacecraft carrying the astronauts needed supplies including water, food supplies and scientific experiments. One of the important equipment is new interfaces to prepare for future business tasks.

This is the eighth company SpaceX space station resupply mission since 2012 delivery, but also the first failure. For ISS, the material had already been a spate of two failed delivery. In April, a Russian supply spacecraft after liftoff lost control and crashed on the way back. In October last year, Orbital Sciences Corporation's explosion occurred in a cargo ship launch in Virginia.

NASA Administrator Bolden (Charles Bolden) 28, issued a statement the day of the launch failure for regrets, but he said the three astronauts on the International Space Station are safe, "they have enough supply in the coming months, We will work closely with the SpaceX company, to solve the problem as soon as possible and return to flight. "

28th is the SpaceX CEO Musk 44 birthday, he had planned to try again by a rocket landing tests set route autonomous return, but also specifically in the recovery platform to brush up on, "I still love you," the words. In January this year, SpaceX company made rocket for the first time in human history, recovery test, since the landing of perspective, the rocket exploded in the recovery platform. February is the second trial, because a huge storm and abandoned rocket crashed into the sea directly. Launch in April, the pusher pneumatic valves temporary malfunction, causing the rocket to slow the deceleration pound offshore platforms, causing an explosion.

Musk said he would not abandon the rocket recovery attempt, "like an airplane if the rocket can be reused, the cost can be reduced into space a hundred times," he believes recyclable rocket for human space will be revolutionary cause.

Brazil Couple Show Affection On 843-Meter-High Vacated Without Protection

Rio de Janeiro, 23-year-old Leonardo Edson Pereira and 18-year-old Victoria Medeiros Nader 800-meter-high cliff while taking pictures, not with any protective measure, this thing do you dare? This desperate couple, will be "living in the edge of life and death", most vividly.

Why do they have to climb a cliff near km it? Leonardo said that they did so to seek stimulation, "I know people will think that this behavior is very dangerous and very crazy, but it makes me feel I'm alive."

Woman lying in 843-meter-high cliff vacated pictures.

Man floating withhold direct cliff rock.

Leonardo Edson Pereira, 23, and 18-year-old Victoria Medeiros Nader.


The Art Underwater - Aesthete Underwater Photography

Underwater photography, film and television stunt one photographic method, namely water photography. Photographer's camera carrying shields and diving equipment, shooting directly into the water. Underwater photography can be a true reflection of the underwater scene, such as water plants and animals live, and the riverbed seabed geological data, archaeological discovery. Underwater photography in terms of scientific research, military technology, sports, education and other broader application.

Next, let's enjoy together the beautiful Underwater photography.

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