Fetterfree - Female Who Like Braless

Has been advocating natural for the United States launched the first French women do not wear a bra trend, they think they do not feel comfortable wearing only. And if the underwear line will affect the coat or vaguely visible underwear, grade is being reduced, such as from a transparent sense of fashion saw underwear, even more indecent. So many French women will go to dinner, simply discard underwear campaign, their approach is not wearing a bra when wearing the coat, while maintaining breast shape yet elegant.

American women have always been in fashion, opening with said they respected the free development of the breast, rather than the bra to restrain them. Because they think the blind pursuit of the curve, trying to elevate the chest, the consequences will lead to deformation of the chest, and even may be due to improper usage or bra material discomfort caused by mastitis, serious illness must surgery surgery, pus, so many women the physical and psychological harm.

Once thought underwear for themselves and lovers of scenery, and nowadays e race girls already put Scenery casually back to nature, from time to time there will be no passing girl wearing a bra, young, healthy, natural , cool, relaxed, sexy, freedom, then it is a unrestrained beauty. In fact, as the pursuit of fashionable women, "Dai" and "not wearing" bra is not important, it is important to maintain a healthy state of mind, to have a healthy and natural breasts are the most important. E race girls do not need to hide a lot of people, showing a natural to the carving of the natural landscape, they are bold and confident pace.

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