Which Is More Better: Surface Book VS Macbook Pro 13

Surface Book and MacBook Pro may still be difficult to choose, but it certainly is, Surface Book allow Microsoft to have more capital challenge.

As expected general, Microsoft launched 13.5-inch tablet hybrid Surface Book, closer to the laptop from the form, but also for many well-known products constitute a threat, such as Apple's MacBook Pro. So which one is a better portable productivity tool? We may wish to adopt the parameters of the two models, configured to explore.

1. Screen

Surface Book equipped with a 13.5 inches screen of 3000 * 2000 pixels, pixel density of up to 267ppi, and MacBook Pro (Retina version) 13.3-inch screen has a 2560 * 1600 pixels, pixel density of 227ppi, Surface delicate extent Book slightly better.

In addition, Surface Book actually still is a flat, you can easily separated from the base, so it can easily use the touch screen and a new PixelSense stylus for input, it can also become a Yoga as mixing of the flip screen. Relatively speaking, MacBook Pro is a traditional notebook, does not support touch screen and handwriting operation, may in certain usage scenarios Surface Book less flexible.

Winner: Surface Book

2. Hardware Configuration

Surface Book parameters compared with the Macbook Pro 13

It relates to the hardware configuration and performance, the two products basically a tie. Basic models are powered by Intel Core i5 processors also support an upgrade to i7. Graphics cards, Surface Book equipped independent Nvidia GPU, MacBook Pro, compared with Intel's Iris, relatively speaking, the former game, the graphics performance is more worth the wait.

Both products use a solid-state drive configurations, but maximum support 1TB capacity MacBook Pro, and Surface Book was 512GB, prices are more expensive.

Winner: Tie

3. Connectivity

When it comes to connectivity, there is no doubt that the traditional notebook to be an advantage. MacBook Pro has a full-size HDMI port, two ThunderBolt 2, two USB 3.0 and a DisplayPort interface; Surface Book number is relatively small, additional Mini DisplayPort compatibility and full-size standard is clearly not.

Winner: MacBook Pro

4. Prices

Surface Book starting price of $ 1,499 (about 9530 yuan), MacBook Pro (Retina version) is priced at about $ 1465, Surface Book more expensive. Of course, Surface Book with touch screen, stylus, so overall little difference.

Winner: Tie


Undoubtedly, Surface Book in obtaining larger screen, more diverse use patterns, let look more attractive; MacBook Pro will have a very mature experience, headroom and connectivity also has the advantage, but the lack of touch screen and flexible forms. Eventually, Surface Book and MacBook Pro may still be a fish and bear's paw choice, but it certainly is, Surface never been so close the laptop, which it has more challengers capital.

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