Concorde 2 Hypersonic Aircraft ", One Hour From New York To London

Currently, the latest development of Airbus' aircraft Concorde 2 ", which is similar to a letter A wing-shaped spaceship, according to describe the aircraft can climb vertically in the air, flying level beyond the speed of sound.

"Concorde 2 aircraft" flight from New York to London in just one hour, three times faster than earlier Concorde speed.

Airbus hopes this supersonic aircraft to transport passengers between the two cities, and fly much faster than most of the flight of aircraft, it is more secure than the Concorde, because it forms a small sonic boom.

The picture is a patent application in aircraft design model, which includes a rotary wing.

The aircraft has three different types of engines are ignited by different forms of hydrogen fuel, propulsion formed may reach 5500 kilometers per hour.

"Concorde 2 aircraft" capable of vertical flight in horizontal beyond the speed of sound before the flight, and then plummeted after.

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