The Artist Uses Fecal Bacteria And Other Microbes For Painting

Agar Arts Challenge is a new and unique contest American Society for Microbiology (ASM) contractors, and even the use of human skin and fecal bacteria "nurture painting." As shown, this is the first winning "nerve cells" using Nesterenko coli (yellow), abnormal bacteria (orange part) and sphingosine Aeromonas (red) plotted.

This is the second in the contest - "biome map of New York," New York street map these plates as a template, some bacteria grow in the template.

Argentina Glacier Harbor Laboratory obtained a postdoctoral researcher in the contest third place, his work is called "harvest season", it is to cultivate yeast formed; the right work is called "cell-to-cell."

This is the researchers used Serratia marcescens and Escherichia coli grown in different galactosidase solution to form a red, white and blue flag.

Left work called "Is this fecal?" Owl face figure black outline is manufactured using salmonella hydrogen sulfide formation; right work is called "bifidobacteria miniature flowers," is the use of Bifidobacterium subspecies formed such probiotic widely used in dairy products.

Figure works called "intestinal bacteria Garden", is the use of a variety of intestinal bacteria "mixed Draw", which comprises: Escherichia coli (lavender), Citrobacter (cyan), Klebsiella pneumoniae (dark blue), the gut Road bacteria breeding in color bodies agar-agar will change color with different bacteria.

Portrait left is to use the purple bacterium designed violacein is made up of tiny, blue dye particles violacein and resulting in a lot of contrasting colors, you can clearly see the hair and glasses portraits, while yellow background strain as a portrait bottom color; the right is blooming sunflowers and black butterfly, black butterfly is formed by the growth of salmonella, sunflowers are formed by the growth of E. coli.

The picture is the famous French microbiologist Louis - Pasteur portrait artist purple pigment bacillus culture on agar, usually purple pigment coli can cause infections in animals and humans, which is a kind of "opportunistic pathogen." Purple pigment bacteria have the ability to grow in any medium, and create something called "purple pigment bacillin" antioxidants.

Left works called "minor subordinates," a cartoon "Despicable Me," the little yellow man Role pattern, which is Vibrio culture in agar growth formation; the right work is called "Beach", is formed vibrio culture and Vibrio species exist in crustaceans, if human intake will harm the body.

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