Shooting Effects Competition - iPhone 6S VS Samsung Galaxy S6

One of Apple's new iPhone 6s improve the most important is its mobile phone camera.
iPhone 6s pixel rear camera of 12 million, compared with the iPhone 6 of 8 million pixels has been greatly improved. This means that the new iPhone can shoot high-quality photos.
Samsung Galaxy S6 pixel rear camera to be higher than the old iPhone, to 16 million pixels.
To see how these differences in the daily shooting, BI at the same time in the same place at the same angle with the above-mentioned three mobile phones to take the same photos.
Each of these handsets have been transferred to the automatic shooting mode, shoot photos not modified. In this comparison, BI using iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy S6 Edge. iPhone 6 Plus the camera with the iPhone 6, the only difference is that the iPhone 6 Plus optical image stabilization feature. Galaxy S6 Edge Galaxy S6 camera with the camera is the same.

This is a street corner taken by iPhone 6s.

This is a place to use the same photo shoot iPhone 6 Plus. This photo looks almost exactly the same with the iPhone 6s shooting. To enlarge the picture after I found Ann Taylor signs on the right side of the building with the iPhone 6s shoot out more clearly, but unless you intend to compare, generally can not be seen.

This is a shoot out with the Samsung Galaxy S6 looks very different with the above two. Entire picture brighter. But in the details, this picture is almost the same with the above two.

This is the building with the iPhone 6s taken close-up pictures.

Here is the same building with the iPhone 6 Plus photo shoot, no difference at a glance. But when I put the picture further after amplification, we found this picture grainy heavier.

This photo was taken with a Galaxy S6, its colors and details are no significant changes, but really looks more delicate than the above two photos. When I took three photos to the maximum zoom, the picture above photos taken with iPhone 6s seems most clear.

This is a shot of a plant with iPhone 6s, very bright colors, after amplification was found, sharper detail than iPhone 6 Plus shooting.

Here is the same plant with the iPhone 6 Plus shot with the naked eye, with the front of the photo is almost the same, there is no difference in color accuracy.

The figure is taken with Galaxy S6. You can clearly feel, green leaves look more lighter, and top with iPhone shot leaf colors are deeper.

This is in a dark office with iPhone 6s shooting pictures of people, it is clear that the details of the performance is good, that is a bit dark.

This is a iPhone 6 Plus filming, little difference.

Below is a shot with Galaxy S6. This photo exposure is best, but the details are not so clear, the color is a bit overdone.

Overall, iPhone 6s camera than the iPhone has been little progress 6. In some cases, the new iPhone photographs clearer, more full of color, but in most cases, I do not feel much difference. Samsung Galaxy S6 photographs higher brightness, but sometimes a bit too, but untrue.
Front camera is on, iPhone 6S is clearly the best. With flash really is not the same, you can shoot very clear from pictures.

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