Odom's Tragic Life, Six Relatives And Friends Died Consecutively Let Him Collapsed

As a former NBA Sixth Man Award as well as a member of the championship Lakers, Odom this has a brilliant career, but he eventually fell in a brothel, now a Las Vegas hospital still Odom rescue, in the outside world to pray for him at the same time, to uncover Odom tragic life, how was he step by step toward the fallen?

Death Response

For the "death" of the word, Odom is no stranger can even say that he has used that year, his mother Katie - Moer Se died because of cancer, but that year, Odom is only 12 years old, a very young age, he had to face the harsh reality.

It is said that the relationship between Odom and his father Joe Odom is not good, which was a heroin addiction, and her mother is the pillar Odom life, when the pillar down, you can understand a child's sad. "When my mother died, I went to the basketball court, a full day playing ball, I did not even go back for dinner, has been relying on basketball to intoxicate themselves."

After my mother passed away, Odom has been run by his grandmother Mildred Reid - Mei Seer upbringing, but in 2004, his loved ones who left him. After only two years, the more unfortunate things happened, Lamar Odom and former girlfriend Lisa - Morales born son Jayden was born seven months since he died of sudden infant death syndrome.

Painful summer

Odom's life is not the only haze, in the summer of 2009, this is his career in an unforgettable pleasure, this year, he followed the Lakers got the NBA championship, and and Kohler - Kardashian married, the cause of love double harvest, however, did not last long, so just maintain good two years time.

In June 2011, Odom once again got a heartbreaking message, own nearly 24-year-old cousin was shot dead, his mood was depressed to the extreme. "My cousin, his name is Curtis - Smith, we call him the 'stars', he robbed kill."

Then a strong man, when he witnessed one side of the family to leave their time, can not help but cry, then a strong man, when he saw death threats ensued when, there will be barely holding that day.

After just three days, to attend his cousin's funeral in the road, Odom driving the car hit a motorcycle, 15-year-old boy driving a motorcycle and then because of the head injuries, died. Odom crashed, he could not believe it all in front of ......

It is also from this time, Odom began to feel fear. "'Death' always seems enveloped around me, in these years, I have attended many funerals to bury their children, beginning, I have been in control of sadness, but a year and a half later, I'm still difficult from Such emotions out. When I saw my cousin and another boy have died, I was really knocked out, I feel like breaking down, I admit that I was not strong, but my spirit will really was defeated, I'm doing this from a lot of things can be reflected. "Odom said at the time.

In December, the Lakers Odom was traded to the Mavericks, leaving the career of the most attachment to the team, leaving the closest comrade in arms, Odom began Poguanposhuai.

Drug abuse, drunk driving and Rehabilitation

In 2013, a turning point in the life of Odom, in August, Odom was accused of drunken driving because, at the beginning he was not guilty, but two months later, Odom was formally charged.

September, Odom was sent to suspected drug detoxification and rehabilitation centers for treatment, he said the next day he left the rehabilitation center.

December, Odom drunk driving case closed, he was sentenced to probation for three years plus a $ 1,814 fine, plus a three-month alcohol treatment.

The marriage ended, the court career end

Odom off encounter trouble, marriage between him and the Kardashian also this rupture, the same month, Kohler - Kardashian to the court for a divorce, irreconcilable differences between the two have been. Allegedly, when the drug is to destroy marriage Odom fuse, and the two eventually divorced in July of this year.

A year ago, Odom had signed Yuenikesi, but just three months, he was the team laid off, the Knicks president, Phil Jackson - explained during the review Odom is: "Unfortunately, Lamar has not NBA players again in line with the requirements of the standard, we need to make one of those places. "

Phil Jackson is Odom's former mentor, mentor and even too cold to be abandoned, Odom really feel that their life without any expectations.

Best friend passed away, divorce, shocking death threats

2015, Odom continued to struggle in tragic life, from the age of 12 he started to play to large best friend Jamie passed away, a week later, another friend of his Hayward also because taking drugs overdose death.

After Jamie death, Kohler - Kardashian also felt overcome with grief, she was worried that this incident is likely to affect his ex-husband: "In the Lamar life, leaving their loved ones have suffered a lot of facts When this happens, I always worry about him. "

"I must be highly vigilant Lamar, any one thing might collapse will let him, so I had to stare at him, this is what I do for him the last thing." Kardashian said at the time.

But just a month, the two officially divorced. Subsequently, Odom was accused raid ex-wife, but he denied.

Today, Kardashian and her family have been in Las Vegas hospital waiting around Odom, Odom is experiencing life in another of the most important death threats, but this time, is on his own.

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