Samsung Will Launch The Pink Gold Version Of Galaxy Note 5

As today's global mobile phone market, the most influential of the two brands, Samsung and Apple are likely to lead each trend a trend. Talking about the most recent cell phone ring elements of pop, rose gold (pink gold) is undoubtedly one of them. Since the new iPhone 6s with no significant differences between the iPhone 6, a lot of mobile phone users rose gold become a new choice. As iPhone 6s series models largest competitor, Samsung Note5 naturally not want to be left behind fashion. According to the latest news, Samsung is about to bring Note5 Pink Gold (Pink Gold) version fashion female users finally the addition of a new choice.

Recently, titanium silver version Note 5 represented before sammyhub not listed in Korea will visit South Korean market, while also coming together before there have been no pink gold (officially called the Pink Gold) version and the new version only has 64GB capacity choose, priced at 965,800 won, about $ 880. As time to market, pink gold version will go on sale in South Korea on October 23.

It should be noted that the Samsung Galaxy Note at the beginning of 5 listed only four colors to choose from, namely black, white, gold, silver. The state line version is only white and gold. The Samsung Galaxy Note5 added pink gold color, whether will you sitll go and buy a rose gold version iPhone 6s now?

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