Seven fossils found in 2015: the earliest dinosaur feathers and sperm

Secret dinosaur body temperature: Scientists analyzing the use of fossil dinosaur eggshell temperature, the higher the huge sauropod body temperature, while the lower body near the body temperature of birds stolen dragon egg, eggshell is formed in the oviduct of dinosaurs, its temperatureIt can directly reflect the true temperature of dinosaurs. While this study did not find clear evidence that dinosaurs were warm-blooded or cold-blooded.

The first sperm cells: Archaeologists have found 50 million years ago in Antarctica cocoon among well-preserved fossils of sperm cells, which is the oldest ever found in animal sperm.

Dinosaurs and hairy giant rats living in the same period: October 14, 125 million years ago, scientists announced the discovery of animal hair follicle, confirmed that it is part of an ancient giant rats similar creatures. More importantly, it confirmed these hair structure earlier than the closest fossils 60 million years. They pointed out that had already appeared in the dinosaur era long hair mammal.

Feathered Raptor: This year paleontologists to dig discovery "feather Raptor" fossil was shocked, and they are delighted to find that these raptors actually had feathers.

Enamel Source: published in "Nature" magazine, a study report shows that the human body may be associated with ancient enamel scale armor pieces related.

Ancient sea scorpion the size of a new human species: scientists found that 467 million years ago, a species of sea scorpion new roaming in the early ocean, its body size is close to the human body.

New Triceratops species: Archaeologists have found a new one in Canada Triceratops species, body six meters long and weigh up to 1 ton, living in 79 million years ago.

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