Can iPhone 6S's Video Capabilities Go Beyond The Professional SLR?

A combination of full-frame SLR Nikon D750 and the 24-70mm f / 2.8 lens that Lee Morris used this time, both are priced more than a few thousand dollars.

Smartphone camera capabilities although there is considerable progress, but compared to SLR and still have a certain gap. As for the video recording capabilities, it may be is another matter, at least for the just-released iPhone 6s for. Recently, photographer Lee Morris on a professional level SLR Nikon D750 and iPhone 6s video recording capabilities conducted a comparison. From the results, iPhone 6s undisputed winner.

Lee Morris combination of full-frame SLR Nikon D750 The used and 24-70mm f / 2.8 lens, both are priced in the million or more. In the test which, iPhone 6s were installed in the top of the camera, so that he can compare the two devices in the same light conditions and shooting position.

From the results, the video quality iPhone 6s taken even more than the total price of close to 2 million this camera combination. Morris admits, making it "a little depressing" because the gap between the two is not a little bit. Even at ISO 100, the optimum shooting parameters f / 8's, D750 is still far behind the iPhone 6s.

Then, after Morris made by resolution of the video captured from iPhone 6s fell 4K 1080p, then compare and D750. It was found that the latter is weak video performance should not support 4K video capture relevant. So he also reminded Nikon, 4K has become the new standard, they are under an SLR should have this feature.

In the last week, Morris once by a group of hot bikini photos show iPhone 6s excellent ability to take pictures. He said that a smart phone also can capture a sufficient level of professional photos, as long as you know how to polish. And light conditions compared to equipment is not important.

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