Mysterious Mushrooms‘s Foul Odors Can Make Women Reach Spontaneously Orgasm

Scientists have discovered a mysterious mushrooms in Hawaii volcano slopes, fetid odor can make women reach spontaneously orgasm.

Oysters and chocolate have been strange aphrodisiac effect, but with a mysterious mushroom latest discovery is very different. Currently, scientists in Hawaii volcano slopes to find a bright orange mushroom, can naturally lead to female orgasm.

For a long time, local legend it has special aphrodisiac effect, the researchers found that having a foul odor of mushrooms can naturally lead to female orgasm, they grow in the history of volcanic lava deposits is more distant.

Scientists believe it is one of the bamboo fungus species, this mushroom has a unique mesh mushroom head structure. In one experiment, 16 female and 20 male testers were asked to sniff the smell of this mushroom, they both said that smell is the stench. However, this smell so where six female testers appear natural orgasm, the other 10 women sniffing a few mushrooms smell, but also appeared in varying degrees heart rate.

This study shows that this unnamed unique mushroom exudes stench smell, it can stimulate female orgasm. The results show that hormones like present in a mixture of volatile part of the spores, the role of these mixtures similar neurotransmitters human sexual contact.

Interestingly, this mushroom growing very fast, only 45 minutes will "bloom." The researchers believe that they are capable of producing effective odor is to better reproduce.

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