Because too much selfie fatal accident, Russian authorities launched Selfie Safety Manual

Selfie has become a rage behavior, a lot of people in the danger zone even like tall buildings, railways and other selfie, and therefore often lead to tragedy. According to Agence France-Presse reported on the 7th, since the self-timer much tragedy, the Russian government launched a series of safety campaigns selfie, selfie called on people to be cautious.

These promotional activities include the publication of leaflets, video, warning signs and the self-published recommendations in the Interior Ministry website. For example where a leaflet in one hand Self-pole walking on the tracks, the bottom with the text:. "Cherish life, do not selfie on the tracks," another warning sign, one of them even climbed up the high-voltage selfie. In addition, the Russian official also released a security selfie video of including some from the "roof" and the photographs, they are often the top choice in high-rise buildings pictures, the photos on popular social networks.
Russians love all kinds of selfie, presumably most people are little heard of, such as:

Selfie on the high building

Selfie at the top of bridge

Selfie with high risk activity

However, you see all the success stories, the Russian official has said that there are many people who fail at the limit selfie each year, Russian official can not ignore these cases.

According to the "Daily Mail" reported that Russia has launched a self-timer Safety Manual, which has lists a variety of dangerous scenarios.

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